My MIL doesn't listen to my parenting rules when she has my son: Advice?

My mother in law takes my son every weekend to hang out and play, which is awesome. But I’ve been finding things that we have specifically asked her not to do. She told me she’s been letting him lay in a room alone and cry himself to sleep (he is eight months old), she’s been giving him water and juice, which I’m uncomfortable with, and she’s been dragging him along with her everywhere when she goes to the store which we asked her to, at the very least, limit her travel because of COVID. My husband tells me to just try to forget about it, and kind of makes me feel like me being upset isn’t valid. Am I wrong for being upset about these things?


Stop letting her take him if you are uncomfortable. Yes your feelings are valid


8 months is still very young. You shouldn’t allow him to go rn. Especially, if she is not complying with your wishes.


Hell no that’s your child and I would fight until the actions get resolved if not then time to start looking for new childcare.


Don’t let him go over there if she can’t follow your rules :woman_shrugging:t2:


My advice is to tell her if she doesn’t follow your rules she can stop coming to spend time with your son. He is your son. And you know what, your husband should actually be the one to take care of this because it’s his mom. Telling you to try and forget about it is him basically saying my mom can do whatever she wants with our child get over it.


Too young for overnights, face it, your party days are over. Stay home and be 24/7 mom like you should.


Don’t let her take him


The travel thing cause of COIVID I understand. But the rest I dont see a big deal. He is 8 months and ready for those things in moderation. HOWEVER if you really dont like it then dont let her take him. Care for him yourself the way you see fit.


You’re the one that is letting her do it so you can have your time


No she needs to respect your wishes as a parent whether she agrees and or she can forfeit her interaction. Your husband is probably used to her being controlling and is trying not to make waves but he should stand behind you not still and try to please his mother.

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Don’t let her take him anymore

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YOU are the parents, it is YOUR child, YOUR rules & if she refuses to respect that then she should NOT be left alone with your child-period! Allow supervised visits.


why you still letting him
go i have 8 month old who i sleep with every night no way this earth would i let him cry it out they get though another sleep
regression this age with anxiety i would literally flip my lid

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NOPE! Your baby your rules. Tell her she can’t see him until she gets it through her head.


She’d have been cut off a LONG time ago. :unamused:


She can see him at your house and that’s it. She could get everything from the store before she gets him but she chooses not to and the fact that she disregards what you says and your husband doesn’t enforce it would would annoy me. He should support your decisions as a mother.


I watch my 8 month old grandson while mom works and I would NEVER allow him to cry himself to sleep alone in a room nope don’t let him go there till he older if she can’t respect your wishes UGG


My mil and fil both know if they don’t obey my rules about my children they lose visitations. I cut my own mom out of my kids lives for being toxic I am not afraid to cut anyone else out


I will withhold judgement that your baby is gone every weekend. That is like joint custody with grandma. Odd. She can’t take him for a day and bring him home at bedtime? The fact is, it sounds like you are wanting her to take him so that you can work, have a break or whatever. If she is doing this as a favor to you, then I guess you suck it up. You’re not in a position to make demands. If you don’t like it, keep him home on weekends and let her take him for a few hours like a normal grandparent.