My MIL found out she had bed bugs: Advice?

My mother in law just found out she has bed bugs. Unbeknownst to her, her daughter, who lives with her, brought them from a friend’s house. What’s messed up is this friend watches her son (my nephew 9months old). What’s even more messed up is my sis in law knew or found out this woman has bed bugs and STILL takes her son there…now my MIL has them. She’s now messaging me, asking if she can stay over with the kids (my other nephews and nieces who she has custody of). I’m paranoid about bed bugs…they are disgusting. I don’t want to get them, but I don’t wanna seem like a heartless person either. What do I do?! The last thing my household needs is a bed bug outbreak. I just started a new job. My little family is barely getting back on track, and if I can avoid an avoidable situation…I want to. But How do word things without sounding mean? What would you do? Am I evil for not wanting them here?


DO NOT LET HER IN YOUR HOUSE! Seriously. It is hell getting rid of them even if you were in a better financial place. Protect your kids and your sanity.


Nope don’t do it… They need to get a heat treatment and those aren’t cheap…


Nope. An upstairs neighbor of mine had them and it cost him $900 to heat treat his apartment. I had to heat treat mine as a precaution because I was paranoid they would travel downstairs and i had a baby on the way, I had to pay $900 too and didn’t have any. Not only is it expensive it is a headache. They travel on clothes, bags, and furniture.

Um no. You do what’s good for YOUR family.

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I wouldn’t allow them over

I would say “I typically would not have a problem with letting you all stay here until you get the situation under control at your house but I’ll be honest I’m extremely paranoid and very reluctant about them spreading to my house. They’re very easily transferred and I can’t take the chance. I hope you don’t take any offense, if it was any other situation I would say yes. I unfortunately can not risk getting them myself. I love you, and I hope you understand.”


There are products she can buy and help treat the house and beds, etc! The best one that could help is Diatomaceous Earth Food grade which is safe for humans and pets. Have her search on Google different methods. Bed bugs come from many places too so you can’t really pin point one certain location!

Just don’t let her bring anything to your house. Take clothes to a laundry mat to wash and dry first. Exterminators for her house will be expensive. Possibly her home owner/renters insurance will help cover costs

Your babies come first! I know you’re gonna worry about your nieces & nephews, but protect the family you created first. Bed bugs could seriously hurt your kids. Don’t let her damage your home with bugs if she knew in the first place! That’s her stupidity, and now she must face the fire & fix her mistakes!


Just say straight out I’m sorry I can’t risk it and leave it at that and if she says anything say go ask someone else and see how much luck you get cause I doubt anyone else will want you in their house with bedbugs .stand your ground it’s your house and she’s just a MIL not your mother . Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely do NOT let her or anyone else in any of those homes in your house! I knew someone who had bed bugs before and they can be nearly impossible to get rid of. Do NOT do it!


I would let them stay but not let them bring anything from her house. Buy them an outfit to change into in your garage and throw the clothes they had on in the trash.


Just tell them to bring the bare minimum. Wash any clothes or fabrics before hand in hot water and color safe bleach and boil and bleach any toys or things like that they might bring as well. It’s possible to avoid getting them while helping them out of that situation. I got bed bugs from a hotel I stayed at once. They are a pain in the ass but not impossible to get rid of. Her house will have to be fumigated though.

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Diatomacious Earth the food grade. Go on the website it’s the only effective way. Dust it alllll over

Fuck that.

I wouldn’t even let my husband come inside the house if the hotel room he was staying in had them. (He works away from home)

Lavender tea tree oil and vinegar mixed in a spray bottle and soak all the furniture with it!! We got a free couch from people in town and they didn’t tell us it was filled with bed bugs and it infested all our furniture and the regular bed bug sprays wasn’t working and I tried that and the amount of bugs started decreasing rapidly just do it every few days or once a week

Speaking from experience here, DONT DO IT!!! I am a super neat freak, ocd kind of momma and two years ago I somehow got them in my house!! Imagine my shock and panic knowing that I 1000% had no idea how they got there. I did weeks worth of research and know all about them now and how it could have possibly happened. You on the other hand have a forewarning and the choice to not let them in your house … no matter how big your heart is, DONT do it! The money and the weeks of pure mental and physical hell I went through to clean and get rid of them was nothing I’d even wish on my worst enemy!! It’s INSANE how easily they can be brought into your house and how much of a nightmare they are to get out!!!


Be up front and honest.

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Bed bugs are a bitch.