My MIL is being to open with my son: Advice?

I’m getting pretty annoyed with my MIL. I live with her. My son is turning 3 in Feb and is getting a bit curious and wondering why his body is different. I try to explain to him the best I can. But my MIL is getting on my last nerve. She always wants to take him during “PJ time” when she gets changed and locks the doors, and always wants to take him to bathroom breaks… claims she’s teaching him to use potty. This morning he goes, “why is Nona’s vageena black?” (He can’t fully say it yet) so I’m done. I told her to stop taking him during changes or bathrooms. I don’t know what’s her obsession with it, but it’s getting annoying and creepy. I don’t know if I’m looking for advice or just venting. But how would you deal if your MiL constantly wanted “company” during those times?


I say no,that’s my job; I’ll teach my child to use the potty. Thanks anyways


Hell no. Mil wouldn’t be seeing my kid.


:grimacing::grimacing: uh that’s super fucking concerning that she’s locking the doors with him in there

WTF that’s a strange thing to be doing. I would put a stop to this IMMEDIATELY


I would move out and get my own place


Move out of her house

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I would say she is a sick twisted women and I would be worried that this could lead to molestation.


thats weird. I wouldn’t allow it. protect your baby some thing isn’t right


Have you talked with your husband about this? Because this seems VERY odd… And I would put a stop to it Immediately


I would put a stop to that IMMEDIATELY. Tell her it’s your job as his mother to teach him to use the potty, not hers.

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In my opinion that is perversion and I would get my son as far away from her as possible .


Have you talked to your husband about it!? Is it something she did with him? That seems a bit weird to me. I wouldn’t like it if my MIL or my mother was talking about her vagina with my 3 year old. Thats highly inappropriate.

Tell her to back the fuck off, or she can get her ass beat. I don’t care who she is. 10 times out of 10 your instincts are correct. If your SO won’t do anything, YOU need to.

Yeah no that shits not happening. I understand that you live with her but it should be your choice when YOU want to tell YOUR child

Absolutely not! You need to do what you need to do to get out of her house. Not a good situation.

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Um that is very weird. No, not ok. Why does she have to show him her private area. There is absolutely no need for that. Plus locked doors. You need to keep him away.


Women can molest kids too just saying


Put your foot down woman. Why does your son know what her vag looks like? Is she not trying to cover up at all?!

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Talk to your spouse and get the hell out of there. There is no reason for your child to be seeing her private parts. And for her to be locking the door and changing while I’m assuming he’s in there can be considered a type of sexual abuse if you do not agree with her doing it