My milk supply dropped when I started the pill: Advice?

I just started the mini pill three days ago, and I was previously almost exclusively pumping regularly but still trying to breastfeed my one month old a few times a day- my milk supply has decreased significantly today. I’m not sure if it’s because of the pill, I haven’t changed my schedule any, and I bf way more today than we have been. I’m worried I won’t be able to get it back. Any suggestions to get milk back or encouragement in case i can’t. The good thing is, I have a freezer full of milk for him in case we’re done.


They have different things at Walmart in the baby section that r supposed to help milk production…good luck mama

Honestly I would suggest dropping the birth control until u r done breastfeeding,that is most likely the problem


Google recipes for lactation cookies/bars. Look at supplements for milk production. There’s mix to add to water too.

Body Armor drinks are said to work too

This is not uncommon when taking hormonal birth control – usually those containing estrogen. Since milk production is a supply and demand, you can try breastfeeding or pumping more often, pumping especially after feedings, and see if that increases your supply. If this doesn’t help and you want to continue to breastfeed/express milk, you can look for alternatives to hormonal birth controls or contact a lactation consultant. Either way, you got this mama!


Honestly I’d quit the pill. My milk dried up within 3 weeks of taking the pill. Completely dry. After a year of feeding my daughter and having a good supply. There’s a few other options for contraception that may work better if you want to breast feed

Call the lactation consultant at the hospital. They will help you. Also I was exclusively breast feeding and got pregnant on the mini pill but it was a tubal pregnancy. An emergency situation. Just know you can get pregnant on the mini pill.

Use lactation supplements, I’ve been eating the granola bark, the cookies and drinking a berry drink that you can mix with either water or juice. My milk supply has increased and I had asked a lactation consultant before I left the hospital if it was okay and she said yes.

They say it is supposed to not effect your milk supply, but it almost completely stopped my milk supply. Contact your lactation consultant at the Wic office Monday

Did your proscribing Dr or even the pharmacist discuss this likely possibility with you?
If it doesn’t come back, you feed your lovely, healthy baby formula.
Fed is always better, regardless of the source.

Make lactation cookies!!! My friend uses them all the time

I was told fenugreek helps
I would take 2 capsules everytime I pumped

Some great advice here, but don’t overlook the easy fixes…Are you dehydrated? Can you relax?


There are tons of recipes to get your milk back! Pinterest was my best friend

lactation cookies you can make them or buy them at target and walmart they also have drinks that help

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order you some mommy milk boosters. they have shakes, cookies , cereal bars , oil drops (i heard those work VERY well)

Feed and pump more. My dr forewarned of this as pretty normal. I went with the hysterectomy option instead lol.

The best thing for boosting milk supply is having the baby to your breast as much as possible. I’m nursing my third right now and experienced my first supply dip a few weeks ago when he had a fall and didn’t want to nurse much that day due to trauma. I put him to my breast every time he even whined, drank a ton of water, and pumped after some every other or every third feed to increase stimulation. Within 48 hours my supply was back up to normal.


Fenugreek…pump at least every two hours…try a nipple shield if latch is the problem. It took me three months to get my daughter to latch correctly without a nipple shield. We finally got it while we were both relaxed in the bathtub after taking a shower.

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