My mom doesn't approve of my current relationship: Advice?

I’ve been dating this man for about a year now. I’m divorced with a son. He’s great to us and couldn’t be happier, but my mom constantly tells me I should be with someone who’s more financially stable and is more outgoing (because he can be quiet around her and others at times). He works hard but is still continuing to build a life for us. He is always polite to my mom so I’m not sure why she always has to talk bad and negative about him. I live with my mother and am close to her but I don’t like how she tries to put down the man I’m with and make me feel as if I’m making a bad decision. Help !


Sit down with her and tell her how shes making you feel if that doesn’t work then maybe see about getting your own place.

Tell her exactly what you said in this post.

Listen to your mom. If you don’t understand her now you will one day. She’s wiser than you and probably knows how to spot a crooked guy a mile away skills you haven’t developed yet. I would trust her. Ask her first to really go in detail for why she doesn’t like him though


Listen to your mother or you’ll be working your whole life.


Listen to your mother.


At the end of the day you need to realize that you are the one who is going to be with them not her. Keep her warning but realize it is your life and you are the one and your child is going to have to deal with what is to come and the future.


Moms are always right mabey u wont see her point now but one day you will ! I learned the hard way


Have you tried talking with her? Explain why he’s good for you and your son. Ask why she’s so against the relationship. See what her reasons are and if they make sense. Try to see it from her perspective without thinking of your feelings for him.

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Your the one with him at the end of the day, not your mother. We would never learn from our mistakes if we were always told what to do. He sounds like a great guy from what you say.

Sit down talk with her …
Mom’s usually know.
But it’s possible she is seeing something you don’t. Sounds like a good guy. It’s up to you

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Your focus should be on your child not on a man you are dating.


Most mom’s always want better for their daughters. Is she right maybe, maybe not. Talk to her, honestly listen to her & make your own decisions for you & your child. It took my hubby & I 20yrs of marriage before we bought our house. We struggle but we are happy!

Parents see something that children don’t. You can take her advice or find your own place so you don’t have to hear her.


If he is quiet around you, that could be a problem. Moms dont always know. She could be afraid you going to leave her at some point and she will be alone. Speak to her, find out if he at any point disrespected her or if it’s just about his financial instability

Mama’s are almost always right when it comes to their senses. But you’re grown, you don’t need to seek approval but move out & do your own thing if you don’t wanna hear her opinion.

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The same things happened to me and I wish I had listened to my mom it would saved me lot of pain I am worry if I just listen to her she seems something that I I couldn’t see


Healthy boundaries and stop involving her in anything she could use against you.

I think you should have a long talk with your mom when he’s not around, have a serious open heart. Let her explain why she feels that way, what has she went through to pick up whatever red flags she thinks he’s laying down? If she’s wrong then she’s wrong, but give your mom a little more credit. She most likely just wants her baby to be taken care of the way she thinks you deserve to be treated.

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Mommas are normally right and most of us have learned that the hard way… have a real heart to heart with your mom and ask her what the reasons are for her not wanting you to be with him… not only does she have her motherly intuition she maybe seeing something that you don’t. That’s why the saying goes, Love is blind… wish I would have listen to my mom when she told me my ex was no good for me or my daughter at the time he seemed to be Mr perfect little did I know he most def was not, if I would have just listen to my mom’s gut it would have saved me and my daughter almost 8 years of heartache/ hell!! So talk to her and listen with an open mind and heart. Also pray about your situation… Good luck!!

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