My mom favors my youngest over my oldest: Advice?

I have two daughters, the biggest one is three years old, and the little one is one year old. When I got pregnant with my first one, my mom told me to abort my baby and was very disappointed( I was already 22 when I first got pregnant, so age was not an issue), but even tho I decided to have my baby, my mom has never been sweet to her or asked about her… My second child is her favorite and asks about her all the time; the first thing she does when she comes to my house is run to my little one and hold her and kiss her, and barely talk to my bigger daughter. I feel sad because my bigger daughter loves my mom so much, and she always asks where she is at, etc… I feel like my mom doesn’t deserve my daughter’s love… I just don’t know how to approach this; I don’t want my daughter to get hurt, later on, I don’t want her to realize that my mom does not love them equally… what do I do?? I wonder why my mom is like this!!! P.S. (my daughters are from the same man)


That’s not okay at all. Kids can see favoritism :frowning:

I’d be having a word with my mom and she wouldn’t be coming around to act that way.


You speak to her about it and if she doesn’t like what you have to say/ doesn’t change behavior then byee


You can’t control your mom; however, you should bring it up to her. Maybe she doesn’t notice? If it continues after speaking to your mom, personally, I would not allow her around either child. They should both be treated similarly. Your daughter will absolutely notice as she gets older. My grandmas had favorites and it crushed me to see how she treated my cousins better.


Don’t let your mom around your children. Ill be damned if I let a family member make one of my children feel less than another.

Have you bought it up to her? Maybe she doesn’t realise x


I’d sock my mom tf up


Id talk to her but tread softly because maybe she really doesnt notice she treats them differently. Keep bringing it up and reminding her see if she trys to change.

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Light her up like a Christmas tree :woman_shrugging:t2:
Sorry but FUCK your mom. She’s a grown ass woman and knows what she’s doing. Protect your child at all costs.

Definitely talk to her.

Talk to mom and ask her why? I would protect my daughter from that because she will notice

:v:t2:peace out Girl Scout.


Call her out about it. That’s ridiculous. I’d say if u can evenly show love, then stay away


Omg I have 2 grandchildren I love them equally and can’t imagine favoritism I have special memories with both but don’t love one more than the other u need to speak to ur mother that must b horrible for u if she doesn’t give them the same attention she shudnt b able to spend time with either sorry that’s my opinion as I was a child of this SPECIAL CHILD. I wasn’t the special child it’s hurtful and disgusting for an adult to treat a child so differently :broken_heart:


No favouritism is allowed she shapes up or she ships out


You need to have a talk with your mom, let her know what you are noticing and how much your daughter loves her. If she still ignores her after talking to her, it’s time to put some distance between your mom and your family. This WILL hurt that baby as she gets older and realizes the difference. It’s all or none


It’s both or none. Don’t play that game. Your 3yr old can already sense it. Wait until she gets older


Your mom already knows what she is doing. And she is blatant about it. My mom did the same thing and she hardly ever saw my kids. Growing up she didn’t like me either and proceeded to tell me that she loved my sister more. Don’t let her out your children through that.