My mom feels I am spoiling my child: Advice?

He goes to daycare 5 days a week, 10 hours a day so on the weekends, we make it all about him. He gets to choose 1 fun thing to do regardless of what needs to be done around the house or errands that need to be done. We work it around him. He usually chooses park, zoo (we have a membership so unlimited entry), swimming or play center. The way I see it, everything else can wait he deserves his mummy and daddy time, make decisions and have fun. But she sees it as we’re letting him dictate our lives… he is no way a brat about it, he knows he has to be good at school all week with no biting or fighting other kids and that he has to help mummy clean up his toys every night before bed otherwise we dont go.


I would say parent your child how you want :+1::blush:


Your not spoiling him at all!!! I would say you might be if he was getting rewarded no matter how he behaved but thats normal kids stuff to go to the park, zoo ect… its not like your taking him to Disneyland every weekend… you raise your kid how you see fit!


You’re an amazing momma!


Growing up we always had a fun family day on a Sunday mostly and I loved it. If we got good grades or did something special we got to pick.

As long as he’s being told and learning responsibilities then that’s all that matters


I would gently explain your reasoning behind what you’re doing. I went through a similar situation with my son and my mother and I made it very clear to her that I would parent him the best way I saw fit because he is my child and not hers. Draw a boundary line and do not let anyone cross it, even though it will be hard


YOU DO YOU!!! Sounds like u want to make up for all the time he isnt with you, and whats wrong with that?? He sounds like a lucky little boy to have great parents!


That’s not spoiling him …id do the same


Who cares what she thinks. He is your child. Do what is best for you and your baby.

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They are only young once… good job making them feel important to you. That’s how it should be :blush:


I see both sides honestly. I don’t think you are spoiling him. But you need to make time for other things as well.

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Nope. Your making memories. It isnt like its toys your buying.


I do the same thing kids deserve much and dad time

The one thing I’ve learned about people in this group is y’all worry entirely too much about other people’s opinions.


I think it’s great! :woman_shrugging: I’d tell my mom time isn’t being spoiled

Dude you’re doing awesome. I wish my parents had done that stuff with me. I’ve always tried to do mommy and me stuff or my husband will take her out and do something with her before covid. You’re not spoiling you son.

You are being a great parent

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HE. IS. YOUR. CHILD. Please just love him your way and don’t even worry about the rest. People especially family, are gonna talk regardless of what you do. You may as well live your life how you want.


I think what you are doing is perfectly normal. It is important to put family time first.

Awesome parenting! Keep it up you are going to raise a happy, healthy, very secure young man!

Maybe add a couple mom son date nights, where he gets you flowers, opens the car door & learns to be a gentleman, I’m sure he would love that too!

Bravo Mama! Way to raise a real man!