My mom gives my kids soda and I do not want her too: Advice?

Hello…I need some advice from other mamas out there. We just sold our house and are living with my parents until we go to settlement on our new house in a few months. It’s been a few weeks, and things have been going pretty well other than the fact that my mother refuses to stop giving my daughter soda no matter how many times I tell her I don’t want them having it all the time. I’m not crazy about what my girls eat and drink. If we go out to dinner, they’re allowed to order a sprite, but at home, I like to try to stick to juice, milk, and water. It’s so bad that she now has them drinking 3 or 4 Coke’s a day. I love my mom, she’s a wonderful mother and grandmother, and I so appreciate everything she has done for us and continues to do for us, but my children are now starting to refuse to drink anything other than soda. She will literally see them with water and say, “don’t you want a soda instead?” I have asked her continuously to stop doing this, and every time she says okay but then continues to do it. We have no other option but to live here until we go to settlement, so it’s not a simple as just leaving. Am I overreacting? I don’t feel like I am, but I could be wrong. If I’m not, what do you all recommend I do? Thanks!


Soda is the worst thing you can give a kid to drink. I’m with you on this. I would move ASAP if you can or take all the soda in the house and dump it down the sink. I mean, I would dump it lol


Put your foot down. Yell I don’t care those are your kids and she needs to respect you


Defiently not over reacting. If she gives them a soda take it off then. She will soon stop doing it. Those are your kids not hers

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I’d dump all the soda in the house :joy: if you’re repeatedly telling hee


3 to 4 sodas a day is a lot, even for an adult in my opinion. You need to put your foot down. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional soda but they are drinking a lot!

Spray her with a spray bottle when she does it.


When she gives it to her pour it out. Maybe she will get the hint and stop doing it then. If you aren’t here it will be hard to know if or when she does it. If you are seeing her do it then definitely put a stop to it. Your child your choice.

How old are your kids ? You should be able to tell your kids not to drink it even if she offers .

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Deff put your foot down. My sons grandparents were doing it and it was staining his teeth. The dentist bitched at me over it so I bitched to them. Ever since I said how the dentist is charting the problem they stopped giving him it

As someone who drinks soda regularly, I’d nip it in the ass really fast. Take it from them and explain you said no. You are mom, she is not. I wish I didn’t start drinking soda because it has become a daily thing and it does impact your body pretty rough.

What mom says, goes. Not what grandma says.

I’d just pour it all down the sink until she got the picture :joy:


Take it and dump it when she gives it to them. Intercept it everytime and don’t back down. When she says wouldn’t you rather have pop . Step up and say no . Don’t give the kids a chance to answer .


I would literally bin it every time I see them with it.


Wish my mom was still alive. Pick your battles, you’re not gonna live with her forever. :sob::sob:


Just tell her don’t give it to them your the mother stand up for your self

I only let my LO drink lemonade or Fanta occasionally. Other than that she also has water, milk or juice. There is no need to give them soda it’s to sugary and can send them hyper. I don’t think your over re acting I tell my parents she isn’t allowed it and they agree. I never had it often as a child and rarely drink it either. Xx

Can you just say no? I mean they are your kids. Any time she asks or suggests just simply say no and do not let them have it. I don’t see how it’s gotten to 3-4 a day. That’s outrageous

Soda is one of the worst things you can get kids hooked on tell her to knock it off or she won’t be able to watch them try to spend more time away from the house and away from her or keep kids in your room if you see them with a soda go and dump it out. Hopefully she will get tired of arguing with you and wasting soda and stop.

Did she force feed you soda growing up too lol…