My mom invited my ex and his girlfriend to Disney: What should I do?

My ex-husband and I finalized our divorce last January. We have a two-year-old and a five-year-old together. Anyway, I’m in a pickle. MY parent’s 30th wedding anniversary is coming up in September. They have a trip planned to Disney World for their anniversary. They decided they were going to pay for several of us to go down to celebrate (hotel, food, passes for the parks, etc.). She invited my aunt and uncle, my sister, my kids and I AND my ex-husband and his new girlfriend… I am not okay with her inviting my ex and his girlfriend. I have told her I am not okay with it simply because it’s just plain weird and wrong. I have told him that I am not okay with him going either, and he doesn’t see the problem. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this. I have told her that my kids and I would not be going if he goes. She doesn’t seem to care. I’m at a loss. TIA


Wow…sounds like they are disrespecting you.


I think the kids would love a vacation with both parents… I mean, do what you do, but do you really want your kids to miss Disney? #coparenting


I’m weird…I wouldn’t mind…when I finally get to take my kids I actually plan on inviting my ex and his girlfriend if they pay for themselves. I feel like disney world is something the kids would enjoy more with BOTH parents and seeing everyone having a good time together and getting along.

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How is your relationship with your ex currently? Speaking? Animosity? Get along good Co-parenting?

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Disneyworld is so big that I doubt you will spend much time with your ex!! Stop being selfish and let him go. After all you have 2 kids with him!! Sounds like maybe you’re upset he has already moved on and you haven’t!! Be happy he still wants to be involved with the kids!!


Just go, your kids should both parents with them. I would be mad too but dont let it interfere with kids hsving fun.


Absolutely okay…1. Its not abt you nor your ex any longer…They did this for your child and the more people to love your child the happier you should be…I think its selfish for you to even say anything especially since you are not having to pay for anything…GROW UP AND ENJOY FOR YOUR CHILDS SAKE…


You’re divorced from him now. My mother always told people, she divorced the man not the family. Coparent. What if that’s his wife one day? What if you’re dating someone? Would you have them treat your new partner differently?

Let your x there dad go celebrate with your family you go have a little Holliday kid free good luck I’d be very annoyed too

Your ex is part of kids and who he loves is going to be involved.Suck it up buttercup.His girl is going.


Wow, your mom is a jackass and of course your ex doesn’t mind. Its a free trip for him… I wouldn’t go. Or you could go, take your kids while there and spend the time with them only not following the crowd.

Ok, I am old enough to be your grandmother,. I was also a single parent. Yes I remained on good terms with my ex. Celebrated holidays, birthdays, etc together. Why?? For the kids. Your children need to feel good that their parents are friends.
If my daughter was divorced, I would Include my ex son in law. Why?? It is good for my grands.
Please go and let them know you and dad both love them

It actually awkward and uncomfortable.


I’m thinking it would be good for your kids to see you and their father together working as a team instead of split households…


It sounds like your mom and ex have no respect for your feelings on the matter. Non the less I would suck it up and go.


Wow who the hell does that hella wierd just dont go tell her thanks no thanks. Go find something else for you yr kids to do …let her have fun with yr ex. And his girl friend …


If you’re not comfortable, then don’t go. I know it’s gotta be hard, but I’d let the kids go regardless. But honestly, Disney World is big enough to keep distance between you & your ex.


Go and have fun with your kids,just don’t mind them…besides u are atmost right to be there because it was your parents celebration anyway…,

Dads and moms need to be invited anywhere they can if things are amicable. Kids need to see their parents interacting and showing respect.