My mom is kicking me out of my grandmas house, can she do that?

I’ve been living at my Grandma’s since I was a teen. I was the one who took care of my Grandma daily. I was the only one who was actually here for my Grandma. When she passed away, there was no will, so everything went to my aunt & mother. Well, my boyfriend and I have been staying here at my Grandma’s and paying the bills. It’s been ten months since she passed away & just last week my mother comes to tell me that I’m going to have roommates. Mind you, I DON’T know these people. I got upset about it because she didn’t talk to me about it. They move in and start drama with my boyfriend & my mother doesn’t like him, so she told them that he wasn’t allowed here and that if he came to call the cops. Well, I disagree with what she told them to do because he’s the one that’s been paying the bills, we got into a huge argument, and she sent my brother to serve me a 30-day notice to get out. My two daughters, boyfriend & I don’t have anywhere to go! While my other brother and I were going through my Grandma’s things, we found a letter stating what my Grandma wanted for everyone, and it was signed and dated. My brother showed it to my aunt, and she ripped it up! Could we take them to court for it?


Depending on what the letter said and how valid it could be, you legally have no rights to the house. Since there was no will, the estate goes to your mother and aunt. Whoever owns the house can make you leave.


Take it to court. The bills are in your name but that’s a hard one because everything was left to your mom and aunt

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You can go to court, but you need proof of everything. In the end, if nowhere in those papers grants YOU anything, you most likely do not have a chance at winning. You need proof of that paper that was ripped up to stating what your grandma wanted.


Letters don’t matter. I can sign and date anything but it won’t make it a legal document. If it was left to your mom, yes she can kick you out, especially since she gave you the minimum 30 day notice


You could. It’s going to get really messy

The best advice anyone could give you is to contact a lawyer that does free consultation

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Even though your mom may own the home you have been a tenant for longer then 30 days. Tenant laws will still apply. She will have to go to court to get a court order to evict you. However I would consult a lawyer to be sure what your local laws say.


You could , however , they would probably win .
Usually possessions usually go to next of kin . That would be Grandma’s kids . When your Mother passed away will be your turn .

Nope. If it wasn’t a valid will and you no longer have it then you don’t have a legal leg to stand on. Have your boyfriend stop paying the bills and make them evict you.

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Just went thru this personally. The paper unfortunately means nothing unless it was notarized. I’ve cut those people out of my life for good because unfortunately, when people pass away, others get greedy. Karma will get them but I would start looking for a new place because it sounds like she served you with proper notice.


Hmmm something sounds off

No. I used to work in escrow. A letter doesn’t stand up in court. If your mom and aunt went through probate, the house is theirs. Even in cases of wills, there is probate to allocate property according to the judge’s wishes. The only way to avoid it is with a trust because the property owner is the trust, not sn individual, so trustees inherit the trust which transfers the ownership without legal interference. Wills and letters don’t hold up by themselves.

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Depending on the the and law’s of the state. It can take up to 3 to 6 mos for the court to order u out of the house. Talk to the prosecuting attorney there where you live and see what can be done in your favor.always talk to the prosecuting attorney before you go to court or any other deals you have. Good luck.god bless.

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If its legally left to your mother then she can do whatever she wants. I would find a place of your own and cut ties with her. Doesnt sound like shes a positive person to have in your life


Letter is not a legal document in regards to that. If no will then it goes to next of kin and yes they can evict you provide they follow proper laws for eviction process.

U should of probably copied the paper and gave them the copy


That letter could be used as long as it was signed and dated &outlined her wishes upon death.

If your grandmom was in her right mind at that time, it could count.

Anytime a death occurs there is supposed to be a small estate opened at the local court house. Your mom or aunt would be the administrator.

But they would be responsible to divide the possessions as the grandmother wanted.

But really you have no claim to the house, even if you have paid bills there.

They legally have to give you 30 days and that’s it.

You won’t win that one. Sorry.

If u have this document, I suggest talking to a lawyer and showing them this letter that your gma wrote out, and signed/dated.
It’s not cool your mom is doing this. Your her child…and she is also doing this to her grandchildren which isnt cool as well.
It can get messy…but I do hope it doesnt.