My mom keeps pressuring me into having kids: How can I make her understand I don't want any?

So I’m the oldest member of my family without a child. Like everyone at my age had at least one by now. Only being 20, I really don’t want a child right now. My mom is passionately about me have one before I’m 21. All the women in my family had started their families young. Like 15-19 young. All though, high school, that’s all anyone asked me about. Do they say things like " Your life will be better"? Your not really a woman until you have children" " Could you at least find a boyfriend?? He will change your mind" extra I understand my mom believe that I’m not complete without a family of my own and even with telling her over and over that I feel complete within my own self now, she still actively is trying to set me up with people without my permission how do I handle the situation especially since I still live at home going through school


Don’t rush my friend, I’m 28 and I have no biological children and I’m not in a rush for any just yet, it happens when the time is right and don’t give in to the pressure of anyone, go at your own pace :kissing_heart: xxx

Tell her straight up you don’t want kids. Your body, your life. Not hers


I’m 34 not married and don’t have kids and it’s ok


Don’t have them if you don’t want them. They tend to stick to ya

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Ignore it.If not for you .You are better being ready.I gave mine everything.I waited till my heart was in it…no regrets

Just dont have them you dont have to explain your choice to anybody…

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If you don’t want children she should respect that. :heart:


Take care of your birth control, then tell your mother you have unspecified ovarian failure, and wont be able to have any, and she will STFU.

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My daughter’s 35 not married never wanted kids still don’t it’s fine whatever you want

Don’t have them until your ready I was 28. And had been married 7.5 years.

Just have a conversation with her and let her know that you won’t be having any children

What century does the mother live in?


Coming from a girl who had a baby at 18 ( who may I add love to bits) wait and do it in afew years

If you want a life now without kids don’t have any. Just tell them your waiting until mid 30s to have kids. Or never. It’s your choice

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Wow. My eldest is 21! I’ve told her to live her life first!! I had her at 22 and felt young!! Tell your mom it’s your life, not hers!!

Wow your only 21! Go to work enjoy your friends go on adventures take trips it comes naturally you’ll meet a person that you’ll be ready to settle down and poof your pregnant and in a happy place planning on having that baby! I have to say though they are a joy like no other!


it’s expensive to raise kids these days. Get your education first! I wish I had. I was 23 when I had my 1st child. My oldest is now 27 and I’m NOT a grandma yet! In YOUR time honey NOT your moms

It’s OK not to want kids. Your decision entirely


Don’t lie as someone suggested cause there are alot of women that do have ovarian problems so just draw a line and tell her straight up that maybe you want to finish school and move out and meet someone and fall in love and get married and then and only then you might want to stsrt a family. No disrespect intended BUT a good mom would want that for her child. You’re still very young. Do what’s best for you. Your mom will just have to learn to accept that its your decision not hers and she should be proud of you for making smart choices. Becoming a parent forever changes your life and is by far the hardest job you’ll ever have in your life.