My mom tries to make me feel guilty for not wanting any more kids: Advice?

I have a 4-year- old son, and I can’t picture myself having any more kids. I grew up in abuse and never really got to enjoy life. I lived in my car at 19, hardly had any food to eat, made minimum wage. I never got to go out and enjoy being young. I love my son to death… when he was born, I took responsibility and worked my butt off to give him a good life. I bought a house, got a good job, and his dad has been by my side every step of the way. My son is happy and thriving. My mom always tells me to give him a sibling. She tells me, “don’t be selfish” because I don’t want anymore kids. I sent her a silly clip of him making funny faces, and she replied, “Give him a sibling so he can seem more human,” and she told me that video of him is not normal. It was an innocent video of a little boy just making funny faces!! He has a sense of humor. I’m with my son every day, and he is a normal little boy, but she makes me feel like sh*t. Is it really wrong for a child to be an only sibling? I do everything to give my son memories even without siblings, but sometimes I feel guilty.


I’m happy with one … people tell me all the time to have another … I was tired of their responses so I told the last person “if your going to financially support my second child I’ll have one !” They shut up after that

It’s your choice to have children or not

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Don’t feel guilty . You were not put on this Earth to make her happy . Simple as that . Sounds like you have a great grasp on your life . It is not ever for her to decide now . If she wanted more kids , she could of had them . She is being delusional ,IMO

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Your life your choice …you set the rules for it. Period


She’s projecting her issues on to you. Your life, your decision.


Do not feel guilty . Do not allow your mom to put her wants on you! Your son don’t need a sibling . Tell your mother to go get her fix of newborns another way

It’s your life and your body. Whatever you decide is the right decision. You’ve done great so far keep up the good work.:pray::+1::heart:

If she starts mistreating you because you don’t live life how she feels you should and then insults her own grand child as a result chances are she’s a narc mother and shouldn’t be exposed to your child at great lengths anyway. No sound minded person digs at a child to in turn dig at you. That’s very very toxic.


Stop trying to elicit a normal reaction from an abnormal person. You are never going to hear what you’re hoping for from her. Love and enjoy your son every moment and look for healthy maternal relationships for yourself elsewhere; he may benefit, too. :heart:


If you don’t want a another child then don’t. He is normal so is my daughter. I adopted when she was 17 years old. She was the only child for years. I decided at last minute that I had more love to give

You have accomplished so much and doing a great job with your son. You’re not selfish you’re awesome :clap:t3:.


You only have children if you want them not to please anyone else-you sound as if you have got everything sussed-well done.

If one is all you want then stick with it. YOUR LIFE! Good luck hon!

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Listen to your instincts. You know what’s best for you. You are a great mommy!

i’m an only child and i’m okay. ur doing great girl. do what u want.

It’s your life if you want to have more or not but personally I’d give him a sibling it’s so much fun watching them grow together

Sounds like your a great mother despite the obstacles you have faced. Be proud of yourself and confident. It sounds like you’re doing a great job and I’m sure your boy is just fine💖

You lived in your car at 19 so her parenting hasn’t exactly been great. Tell her you’re an adult now and to mind her own business.

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Sounds like your mom is still abusive