My mother in law constantly invites people over to the house: Advice?

My MIL lives with us and constantly invites people over when my husband and me just don’t want anyone over. We have talked to her about this numerous times, and she threatens to move out every time because she should be allowed to see her other grandkids/kids. I’m not opposed to having people come over, but I do believe they don’t need to be over every single day. I also don’t understand why she can’t go see them at their homes, why they always have to come to our home. Then she proceeds to tell me I should just go back to my bedroom, I’m sorry, but this is my house as well. I should be able to be in the living room without having anyone come over. Every time we argue about the situation, my husband takes her side and tells me I’m always in the wrong. Yesterday she told me she wishes I would just leave in front of my four-year-old daughter. I’m at a lost of what to do, and if we can’t come to a compromise, I’m afraid my marriage is going to be over because I can’t deal with this anymore. My husband and I currently own our home; she pays us rent. I’m just looking for advice or to come to a reasonable compromise for this situation.


Next time she threatens to move tell her ok fine and give her 30 days. Also your husband needs to be on your side unless he wants to move out as well.


She needs to move out. She’s treating your house as if it were hers and she’s violating boundaries


Tell her to leave. Husband has a problem, he can go too.


Tell them both to go


Maybe pick days of the week that are “no guest” days at your house, ad the other days of the week are days she can invite people over?


Why is she living there when the ppl that visit everyday should take her in


I would kick her out. Or kick out whoever comes over


Evict her and your hubby, you don’t need all that negativity.


Give her a 2 week notice to quit. You need the room for a family member. Since she pays rent you can’t just kick her out you will have to go the landlord route.


She’s paying rent, therefore it’s her house too. Simple solution: don’t live with her.


She gotta go. PERIOD.


f*ck the old hag out…


Tell her to move out :woman_shrugging:t2: If your husband can’t put his foot down and stand up for you then so be it. Don’t let her guilt trip you with being homeless either. She can go stay with her other family she invites over. She should respect that it’s your home first and she’s merely a “guest” who pays you to live there.


In laws are grown they shouldn’t be intervening in their kids life, my future mil was a nightmare to live with and is currently living with her other son also tearing apart his relationship with his gf they don’t make good roommates and it creates unnecessary problems in healthy relationships I’m sorry you’re going through it I hope you find a solution I left until my man got us a place of our own

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If she didn’t pay rent that would be a different story but she does pay rent so it like a roommate situation they pay rent they can do what they want but ur husband should have ur side and defend u yall dont need to live with her if it’s going to ruin ur marriage


Hubs is enabling MIL behaving like the matron of the house. There lies the problem.


She pays you rent so it’s her home to not just yours and your husbands,so sorry but she is as much entitled to have guests as you are
That’s like renting of a landlord to be told noone can come over for a visit.
If you you can’t all come to some agreement then tell her to look for some where else live it’s really that easy ,if hubby doesn’t like it tuff he can go with mummy


You accept rent from her, by doing that she is now a tenant. As a tenant you as a landlord can’t put restrictions on whom she has over or when she has them over or how often. Suck it up buttercup.


First, you need to sit down with your husband and get on the same page. Then you need to sit down with her and come up with some VERY specific guidelines. Maybe it’s that she can have ppl over on Wednesdays and Saturday and Sunday, but other days she needs to refrain from having guests. If she cannot agree to your guidelines, she needs to move. Plain and simple. It sounds like that she thinks she’s the one allowing you to live in your own home…