My mother in law constantly shames my weight: Advice?

I am having issues with my mil concerning my weight. Last year’s pre covid I weighed 156. This year I am 136. I had my daughter four years ago. To me, I have come a long way when it concerns my weight. Just a little history when I made my daughter before I went for my six-week check-up, she told me I was looking like a whale. She doesn’t recognize me. I am not the girl that married her son. There is always snarky comments when it comes to my weight, and it is getting too much now. Now, today she constantly fat-shames me. I am on a diet I rarely ever indulge. But I have to eat a few sweets because I suffer from low blood sugar. My husband tells me I don’t take her on. What should I do.


Your husband should tell her to back the fuck up and respect his wife!! I wouldn’t hesitate to cut her out yall lives! She sounds toxic and mentally abusive! What if she gives your kid a complex?! She is old enougj to know better but assumes cause she older you will let her get away with it!!

Your husband should say something to her.


Another thing, you grew a human! Your body is bound to to change! Love yourself. You are beautiful and you are enough!

Tell her to shut the f*ck up!!! Your weight is none of her concern as long as it isn’t causing health problems. Her bullshit is worse than a few pounds!! My mil did this to me too before we cut her out of our lives. I was 1/3 of her size!! Don’t stress about it, but have your say!!!

You should ask her if she is blind since you have went from 156 to 136, yet she continues to fat shame you. She’s coo coo. You are doing amazing!!!

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Wtf? That’s horrible! I’m sorry I don’t really have advice except to just tell her to shove it.


First off, who tf does she think she is, she needs to stay in her lane!!!
Secondly, 136 is NOT fat, and you have lost 20 pounds! That’s absolutely amazing in its self!
Next time she says something snarky, I’d say something along the lines of your son doesn’t mind or good thing your opinion means squat to me🤷🏻‍♀️
Also i would maybe talk to your husband about asking her to stop, if you aren’t a confrontational person.
I ABSOLUTELY can’t stand body shaming! I am so sorry you’re having to hear stuff like this


She’s just jealous. Each time she tries shaming you thank her. Because she’s just jealous and you thanking her will get her underwear into knots. Lol sorry I’m crule and at the same time trying to be a positive thinker.


Your husband should have put a stop to that the first time it happened


Explain to your husband that when he says nothing to her, it sends the message that he is okay with the things she says to you. He needs to stand up for you. He needs to let his mother know that he won’t tolerate anyone insulting his wife. Good luck!


Sounds like hubby is on your side and giving you green light to put a stop to it yourself.

If she continues to behave like a child treat her as one. Explain to her that it isn’t nice to make fun of or bully people. Do it lovingly tell her that as she matures intellectually it will be easier for her to not make statements that make her look so silly. If she speaks to your husband about it tell him it may be beneficial to tell her not to take you on!


I bet she will LOVE it if you say the extract same thing to her!! … But be more extra like add in ‘wow extra wrinkles’ or something.

She will learn not to say anything about anyone elses body.


thats totally rude, uncalled for and way out of line don’t let her nasty spiteful nature get to you smile and hold your head high :heart: also maybe suggest loreal 70 plus face care range tell her you notice her skin has aged way beyond her years lmao just kidding i wouldn’t give her any response apart from oh that again every time she does it

I defiantly would buy the latest wrinkle cream and gift it to her .


First of all you are beautiful and keep that in mind second I would tell her to fuck off and her opinion isn’t needed nor requested as you should not care what the hell she thinks. When she say mean things like that you can always answer as long as you don’t look at her you are totally fine with it. And as other said ask her if that deep wrinkle is new? :joy: don’t mind her and don’t let her stupidity and mean behavior get to you. Congrats on losing these 20 lbs girl way to go. And don’t forget you are beautiful

Punch that b!+ch in the face!!! How dare her.


Who is she to talk about your weight?!?! She’s lucky she’s not talking to me because it would probably be the last time she said a word to me. There is no need for anyone to worry about anyone else’s weight at all and nobody needs to explain why they gained weight. I know people look at me and judge me but what they don’t realize is I have health issues also like damage to my heart,lupus,fibromyalgia and they make it hard to get out of bed some days. All that matters is you need to love yourself

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Just Hell No!!! Tell that B that her son really enjoys all 136 beautiful lbs of you!! & also, Just send us girls your MIL name… we can all put her in check for you!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow: