My mother in law constantly tells me my child is bad because of me: Advice?

Can I please have some real advice… my MIL keeps telling me my kid is the naughty cause of me, I’m a bad mum, etc. I try my absolute best for my kids; my eldest is a very strong-minded, intelligent little person. The absolutely brilliant kid just with a bit of a naughty side. She’s nearly 4. Obviously, she’s disciplined when needed. But she’s just a kid who likes to run around, shout, touch new things, tries to climb ect… does this really make me such a bad mother?


Tell her she had her chance to raise hers, your raising yours! There is nothing wrong with you or your parenting and if she doesn’t like it… well tell her then she can excuse herself from being around.


Not at all. I’m sure you disipline when necessary. Kids will be rambunctious at times but that’s normal they all need an outlet.

Nope !!! You’re doing just fine

Tell her she must of not been that great either because her son( your husband)still needs work.


Yes it does because you make the rules if you want to raise them right set some rules for them she sounds out of control for a for year old


Smile at the mil and walk away. This is your child. Smile and walk away.

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I’d be the worst mum then bc all 3 of my kids r crazy :joy:

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Absolutely not, I’d personally tell her to keep her opinions to herself, kids are kids and push boundaries to learn limits and how far they can push a person before they are disciplined. Everyone parents in their own way, just so long your child is happy, growing and learning there’s nothing wrong with your parenting

That’s what kids do .

not at all kids will be kids after all…I have a 5 yr old grandaughter and she also can be naughty but I dont blame it on her mother

Sounds like most active 4 year olds to me. Maybe she’s hyperactive? Either way, I’m not sure how her running around makes you a bad mother. Does this woman expect a 4 yo to sit quietly with hands folded? Is the issue she doesn’t listen? That’s annoying, but mine doesn’t listen and I’ve never let her get away with anything. She’s just relentless. :woman_shrugging:


Fuck her!!! Tell her to stick it up her ass she has NO right to tell you your a bad mother especially if you literally do nothing to be labeled as that. Your a mom and that’s your kid, NOT hers. Tell her to mind her business unless she has something nice to say.

Stand up for yourself

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I would be a bad mom cause I’m sorry I hardly discipline my kids except when she hits as that’s a big no

Tell her where to go… she’s 4 :roll_eyes:

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What does ur husband say about this? Does he defend you and tell her to back off and not say those things about his family?

Dont listen to her…shes being dumb. Just smile and know you are doing just fine. Some kids are so strong willed. It’s normal for a 4 year old to test boundries and be curious of the world around them. Remember to set those rules for your kid and make sure she listens when you say something.

No. This made me laugh a bit. Mine is the same way (and same age) so I know where you are coming from. Talk to her. If that doesn’t work have your husband talk to her. If that doesn’t work either then maybe you should talk to your husband about limiting the amount of time the kid’s are around her

Sounds like both sides are harsh. Sounds like shed ur only child so you def baby her.

Sounds like ur mil is also harsh because shes older and has a shorter thread then when she was a mom.

Either way you obviously need to take charge on both. Ur daughter is 4. She is going into kindergarten next year. You need to work on her behavior now or shes not going to listen to u or her teachers.

But u need to get ahold of ur mil also. Non of her business how u raise her. If she has her alone you need to tell her how u discipline. So if u put her in time out(which u should already be doing because shes 4 unless u call it something else) just make sure she does it the way u do. But you cannot get mad at ur mil if she has said no and then discipline’s her when she does it again. Because thats u being over protective and shed going to get away with whatever she wants because u get upset


Lord no. They’re curious at that age and learning. My son is almost 4 and is the same way and he gets disciplined when necessary.