My mother in law hurt my childs feelings: What should I do?

My MIL hurt my kid’s feelings (my kid is not my husband’s kid) by taking a toy back that was suppose to be hers; we haven’t been in contact with her at all she only contacts my SO. Should I give in and let it go or what?


Why did she take it back?

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Wtf. Open your mouth. Shane on u. That’s your child…Find out why


What was the reason for taking it back w as ur daughter rude to her? Disrespectful there has to be a reason to why she just took it


That women sounds toxic to me. Keep her away from your child


I think the rest of the story needs to told to understand? What toy/who/ why it was gave to her? Why did it get taken, what was said/explained reason?


if that was my child idc who’s feelings I hurt idc what a kid did u do not take something back from a child period ever idc if the child is rude u don’t take it back we discuss it but once a child has a toy we do not take it back


Tell your husband to man up and take the toy back on behalf of HIS KID.

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There has to be more to the story. There was a reason the toy was taken to begin with.

Ask her why? Can’t see a good reason to take back unless child was breaking it . IF no good reason I’d give her a piece of my mind.

Um why on earth would she take a toy back that she’d already gifted?? Especially a child’s gift! She should already know that taking a child’s gift back is going to hurt their feelings… there’s a few details missing for an educated opinion but if she just did it to be rude for whatever reasons then honestly I would most likely make her apologize to your kiddo before just letting it go… if your kiddo had multiples of the same toy, didn’t have interest in the toy or some sort of malfunction I would understand but not just taking it to be a brat.

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There is no way anyone should be giving advice based on two sentences. We need way more information lol



Did the child deserve it.?

Or you just want a reason to bag out on the MIL


Theres not really enough information here to give you advice.
Why did she take the toy back? Is the first question.
Had she actually already given it to the child? You said supposed to be hers…so that kind of implies that maybe she hadn’t given it to the child.
If she hadn’t given it…who told the child she was supposed to get it?


If you want a relationship with your mother law. Talk it out. If you don,t want a relationship with her. Don’t give in. As long it don’t enter fear with you and your husband.

Its just really depends.if the gma is a toxic person let it go and explain to your child best you can gma has a problem. But if gma not normally like this talk w gma ask to explain
There’s usually no reasoning with toxic people though sadly, they feel they are always right and. They arent worth the energy they take from you.

Depends on the situation was the child naughty and the toy taken away as punishment or was it something else

I feel like there’s some unanswered questions. Like why? Did something happen or was it for no reason? I can think of some situations where I personally feel like it would be acceptable and some where it wouldn’t

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Did she gift it?
I need more info.

I take toys from my kids all the time… I must be rude af.