My mother-in-law is a nightmare: Advice?

My husband and I have had to block his mother because she has become a witch. She caused a huge problem on social media after he was born because I wasn’t comfortable having her in the room and has shown narcissistic tendencies ever since she just continued to harass us. Has anyone else had any issues of the same with their mothers-in-law?


Sounds like you already solved the issue by blocking her .
I’m sure others will have experinced this but not sure how anyone else can help if the issue is already fixed .


Yep. Completely removing her from my life was my wisest choice ever. She still sees her grandkids but never will you see us in the same space.


Toxic. Remove the toxic from your life.


Same, my lo is 8 months and my mil started acting crazy like this was her baby and she was gonna do whatever she wanted because she was grandma. I gave her chance after chance while I was pregnant and afterwards as well. She just couldn’t step back and respect my boundaries so she’s been blocked. My husband wants to eventually have her around our son, but I’m in no hurry to have her disrespect back in my life.


My mother in law had asked, through my husband and I of course said no. when the time came she and that whole family was in the waiting room once baby was ready to come. Had to have her by emergency cesarean. Once i was back in room with my husband and baby. Had to try and feed her and all of a sudden his family comes walking through the door…i was in pain, breastfeeding, trying to bond with my baby, completely out of it, nurses taking vitals and checking, taking urine bags in and out. Completely uncomfortable! They were there, every day, all FOUR DAYS that we were there! During feeding times, doctor visits for me, lunch, dinner…that family came to the hospital all hrs of the day. Then once home with baby and siblings, they came almost every day for a week! Just one of many issues/power struggles w/her.
She has always been in control of everyone around her. Until I came along. My husband and I still argue about her because, she is so toxic and narcissistic. I deal with aftermath from him because, of her. After two years of the bs, i finally had to tell her how it was and how i felt and to cut her off. She still goes through my husband to try and get what she wants…ppl like that will never change or stop. Put your foot down and stand up for yourself. Removing any negativity from your life is always a plus.


Just go ahead and kill her.


Oh man my mother in law is crazy. And finally we just cut her off totally. My kids were young enough that they have no memory of her shenanigans. Sometimes its hard for my hubby because that’s his mom but he knows the relationship is toxic

Yes!! We stopped all communication nov 2018 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I dealt with a narcissist husband for 8 years. Its impossible to deal with unless you go no contact. Much harder to do with family members. I say hold your ground. Make rules. Do not allow her to control the situation at any point.

Mine hated me for 20 years. She had a stroke and the only person she recognized was me. She had chastised me for years about my parenting my life my cooking my housekeeping, you name it. After the stroke she came to live with us and I taught my kids what it is like to honor your wedding vows. 8 years of care taking until she passed. RIP #Vivi


Just a little note to yall who can’t stand yalls mother in law, what come around goes around. The will be on the other foot some day! Food for thought!


Yes and eventually had to get a divorce.


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My ex mil was like that and so was the stepmil. They both tried to overstep and even my fil did the same thing telling me if I didn’t do something one specific way, then I was being kicked out and my daughter would have to stay and get abused by everyone around her. I said ef that and moved. My current mil is totally different. I told her she could come up to the hospital but because only one person was allowed in the OR, she could still come up and hold him while I was in the recovery room and she was completely ok with that

Yep, moved 400+ miles away from it when my youngest was 2 weeks old. Best decision ever and even my husband agrees, he said we should’ve done it sooner

Man do we have the same MIL?! Been through the same thing. Apparently I’m the problem because I laid down boundaries and she doesn’t believe her son would ever agree to such a thing. Ended up having to cut them off for peace. They still try to cross the boundaries and use guilt to see if they can get their way. Good luck to you. It’s super frustrating and a sucky situation to deal with.

Yep my mother in law is very toxic and was always causing drama in my relationship. Mine once told my husband I was sleeping with his best friend so he would leave me. She came out and admitted to my husband that she said it so he would leave me. We haven’t had anything to with her for 3 years now and are much happier

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I’m departing from mine under different circumstances.

I agree do what’s best of u and ur family. Toxic people sux