My mother in law keeps posting photos of my husband and his ex: Advice?

My husband and I have been together since 2012 and married since 2013. We are both happy, and we are doing great… but My mother in law keeps posting pics of my husband and his ex’s and different times in his teenage years… and writing look at my son and his girlfriend at the time! They look so happy! Just stuff like in general, and IDK why but I’m really ticked off about it. Am I overreacting? Like it doesn’t really bother him because he says I had to kiss a few toads to find my princess, and if it bothers you that bad, I’ll say something. They don’t have a great relationship, to begin with, haven’t really talked to each other since Dec. 9th, not because of my husband. He’s tried making phone calls, but she’s active in social media and won’t answer the door if he tries to go over and spend time with her…


That’s so odd. Why would she do that? Block her for real.

Comment on all the posts with y’all’s wedding photos “love the pics! Look how happy he looks in THESE”:upside_down_face:


She’s living in her memories. She needs an intervention to get a real life.
It’s more than likely not even about you or him. She’s alone & that’s all she has.

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Cut her off. She’s toxic


Shes not doing that to be good kind or considerate shes toxic let her on block her


Social media isn’t life. So I wouldn’t worry. She could be doing it as a way to get at you. That way blame you for their strained relationship. Just a guess based off what you said. If I were you I’d unfollow. Not block or unfreind. That way you don’t see it.


You’re not over reacting. I’d have him say something to her. Otherwise just remove her from your social media. She’s just being plain rude.


Just ignore these things,
Go ahead be happy with your husband,
Life’s too short for crap like that!


She sounds like a narcissist. Toxic asf cut her off. Disrespectful


Don’t rise to the bait. If your husband makes a big deal of it with her, she’ll blame you. Just ignore it.

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She’s toxic and from experience it’s probably best to cut her off. Doesn’t seem like she has any good intentions. Start by blocking her from your social media accounts


She sounds like a nutcase :crazy_face:


I would honestly legit ignore it and "like’ every photo.
What for… it’s so exhausting fighting over shit like that and it’s not going to change ur relationship.
Whatever mil, u do u!

Save this pic and start putting it under every pic she posts! LoL. Yes, I’m petty. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sounds like petty bs to get a rise out of you! Don’t but the ticket to the shit show! Move along don’t let her get to you!

Honestly it sounds to me like she the mother In law has some major jealousy issues towards you and likely thinks you have stole her baby boy so she is acting childish towards him when he is tring to get her attention…and her posting pics of your man and his ex is down right disrespectful and spiteful towards you and her son…she seems like a very toxic woman and if she wants to act that way then it’s best for both of you to distance yourself from her…with her behaving in that way she is just looking for attention and a reaction she seems to enjoy drama…Trust me I know what it’s like to battle others just to be happy with your partner so much jealousy and envy out there…stay strong and keep being yourself and your man needs to stand up for you and himself if it comes down to it and put his foot down…


She sounds horrible. Both of you cut her off! You both deserve to be happy and let her be miserable by herself. I feel bad that your husband tries to see her and she doesn’t open the door??? She’s not a good mother much less a good mother in law. Her loss!!


Cut her off. Block her in social media. You don’t need that kind of person in your life.


My opinion over reacting! The situation at hand could have multiple motives! A) she liked that girl b) she did it for the chance that it might upset you C) something harmless and maybe she was looking back at her son and the girl just happened to be in it and the list can go on only she knows the intent your decision is if you should feed into if it’s bait or bs or just ignore it and give no reaction! Just my opinion