My mother in law said my child is "slower" than most because he is breastfed: Thoughts?

Has anyone ever been told your baby I “slower” because he/she is breastfed? I exclusively breast-feed mainly from the breast because I am a stay at home mom and just haven’t had the need to actually pump he is always with me. Anyways my mother-in-law said that he is “slow” because he couldn’t hold a bottle or toy. Which he can do both he only spent 2 hours with her today (I pumped a bottle for him) I only left him so she could spend time with him. I was just curious if anyone else has anything like that before.


Anyone that calls a baby “slow” is just a messed up adult. Every baby develops at their own pace whether breastfed or bottle fed.


How old is he? Every child does things at a difference pace. My aunt has six kids and none of them are the same at all.

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Lmao your child will not be slow because he’s breastfed there is a million health benefits to breastfeeding that help the brain develop she’s just stupid


I’m curious how old baby is, but no, he isnt “slow” because he cant hold a bottle. My son was EBF as I was a stay at home mom and didnt hold any bottles until he had a sippy cup. He definitely isnt what I’d consider slow.

Also, all babies develop on their own time. I’d honestly distance myself from anyone that would say that about my baby.


Depends how old he is

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Maybe your mother in law in slow :woman_shrugging:t3: !!! Your baby is fine don’t listen to stupid people


She sounds really uneducated because breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your child and like everyone else said, every child hits milestones at different times.


Lol no

All children learn at a different pace.

Tell her to take her comments elsewhere

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All kids are different,she needs to learn comparisons only steal joy.

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Good grief. It’s not a race and has nothing to do with formula or boob lol. Tell her to stfu


Well every baby is different! But it would help to know how old his is… But it wouldn’t be because of breastfeeding… That’s dumb! Try more stimulation with him before and after he eats, but no delay because of breastfeeding!

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I would not leave your baby with her again!


Sounds like she’s the slow one of the bunch.

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No he isnt slow. But curious to how old he is? All babies are different. My little girl started holding a bottle at 6 months, only because we travel a lot due to my husband’s work. And instead of stopping when she was hungry I would prop the bottle up and she just got the hang of it.

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Ummmm she never breastfed before obviously and has no bond with her son. Also…she is not educated at all on breastfeeding! She also has never stopped to listen, observe, read, or research breastfeeding! You rock and don’t let her bother you!

I wouldn’t consider her opinion as she sounds uneducated.

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Deadset idiot lol :joy: sounds like a mother in law comment


Crazy and rude, completely untrue. Breastfed babies are not slow because they’re breastfed :woman_facepalming:

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What planet is your mother in law ,she is talking rubbish.I have four children two girls and two boys and I breastfed them all.They did everything on their own time holding rattles,crawling walking.:blush: