My mother-in-law saw a comment from me that upset her: How do I handle this?

I had commented on a post about a mean MIL and how to deal with her. Now my SMIL saw it and blew up on me, telling me none of that happened when I have witnesses to how terrible she treated me. I messaged her after I heard I hurt her feelings, telling her that is exactly what happened, but we are in a better place and pointed out that in that post that I said we were friends. I offered to take it down and apologized for hurting her feelings. Now she is going PSYCHO on her husband and on me. She apparently screamed at him to “take care of it” and stormed out of the house. She has wanted to come over and to talk to me, but honestly, I think she would try to get physical with me. She denies anything that happened when everyone knows it true. She has done some truly awful things to me, and in my post, I never said names, and I never went into detail. She is putting everyone in the middle, and now I don’t know what to do. Advice?


Good lord. Let it blow over. Y’all be distant for awhile. She can sit and throw a tantrum alone


Let her be mad and stop communicating with her.


Just ignore it unless she is feeding, or financing you. My MIL pisses me off so I blocked her from my life and I’m happier for it.


I ignore my in-laws. So no advice. But she sounds crazy

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Let her be mad.
Anyone comes at you, “Mind your business and tell her if she has something to say, she knows where I am.” Cut off any comment regarding her and tell ppl to back off.
She’s mad bc she knows it’s true.


Leave it for a bit. Meet in a neutral setting. Don’t let her in your house.

You tell her what I tell my six year old when she’s having a tantrum… “ When you’re done you let me know.”


Dont put things on social media. You need to talk to her an explain how you feel.


Let her worry about her own BS. Don’t even feed into it. Don’t message her and ignore her. She’s a grown adult and you are as well. She can’t act it that’s on her 🤷

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I went off on my mil 3 years ago almost 4 when she took family business to fb without going to her son first. It upset him so bad and it takes a lot to upset him. I don’t play that game, needless to say after I went off she would not talk to me, this went on for almost a year. It took me getting pregnant for her to say two words to me. Even his sister agreed she should’ve talked to us instead of going on fb. Now we are close and I feel more like family than I ever did. She now knows that if she upsets her son/ my husband I will confront her.

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Let her throw her temper fit and ignore her completely for a while. Distance yourself and only talk to her when you absolutely have to. I personally try to cut toxic people out of my life when possible, and shortly here I will have to do the same to my own parents so I know it can be hard.


That’s what she gets for being nosey. She sounds like a nightmare. Don’t kiss her ass trying to make her feel Better just let it go and she can stew in her anger on her own.

And she is going to see this one too. :joy:


Nope, don’t fall for the bait.

Ahhh, don’t post your dirty laundry in social media.


Social media is never a place to vent about family or friends. (Unless done privately in closed groups for advice such as this).

I would suggest to speak to your husband and have a private family meeting between the both of you and your parents.

Not sure about your culture but in mine… we do not go against our elders regardless of the situation. If your husband’s side of the family hurts or offends you in any way, he as your protector is responsible to handle it privately with his family. No bashing or exposing it publicly. You do not need validation from anyone. These are private family matters that need to be discussed amongst the family.


What’s your husband doing or saying about it? He should be helping you deal with his mother.


She sounds like a narcissist. Ignore her. No good will come. She sounds immature and ignorant. Do not waste your valuable time. :massage_woman:t2:


That’s why I watch what I say in a public group. Anything you comment on in a public group everyone you’re friends with sees it. 🤷

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