My mother-in-law swears I am trying to keep my child from her: Advice?

So My MIL swears I’m keeping my seven-month-old away from her on purpose, the problem is that she’s an essential worker and I don’t want to have my son around that, but now I’m the bad guy, and it goes back much further than that E.I: I specifically told My husband I didn’t want her in the hospital AT ALL after I gave birth because that was a very private moment for me and it was embarrassing he brought her in any way, fast forward to now as I stated I’m the bad guy because I’m not willing to risk my sons health. So any advice would be appreciated.


Ignore her and keep protecting your baby! I hate selfish people :unamused:


You are trying to keep your child from her. Point blank. However that’s your choice, and understandable.


She’ll hate you anyways, just up front tell her that she should stop visiting your child and close that door with all the locks and a dragon just in case…like I said she will hate you anyways…:unamused::unamused:


If this was your mother who was a health care worker would you be keeping your child away from her aswell?


Why isn’t your husband sticking up for his wife and the safety of his child?


Right now there is an uptick in cases happening in basically every state that reopened… so it’s not safe to be around essential workers … especially if they are actually dealing with the public. My MIL cleans at a hospital. We have a nonexistent relationship but she’s been asking to see the kids… I’m 28 weeks pregnant (high risk in many ways) and only 10 months into recovering from 6 years of cancer (it’s not going the best either)… so HARD NO. Even if you don’t have all these issues I have, you need to do what is best for you and your child. Period.


My granddaughter was born the end of March. But we still get to see her we just keep our distance and do our visits outside. Sometimes we go on walks with her mom. We facetime on days we can’t visit with her. I would be heartbroken if I didn’t get to see her. I would have her keep the 6ft distance and ask her to wear a mask. I don’t get to hold her but glad I get to see her and talk to her.


So she hadn’t even met the child? She wasn’t allowed in the hospital at all, and has now been kept away because she’s an essential worker? Sorry, but it does seem like you’re keeping the child from her… Unless you never go out, take your shoes off when you enter the house, sanitise everything repeatedly, and your husband has also stopped working… Then you are using it as an excuse.
The amount of times you used the words “MY son” :sweat_smile:


You do what you think is best for your family. What about a social distance visit? Its your call though momna

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Keep you and YOUR family safe. Later she will hopefully understand why you did what you did to keep the baby safe


Wash hands. Possibly wear mask. Let her see her grandchild


My husband hasn’t seen his (our) kids since March. Or our grandchild. Sorry nope nope nope. Not risking me, him or our little ones. If she don’t like it oh well


As far as her bring an essential worker if you’re worried then just explain to her directly, not in an ugly way but in an understanding way. Regarding your husband bringing her in while you’re in labor, he is your husband the man you chose to bring a child into this world & in my opinion he also has a right to want someone close to him while its an important day in his life as well! A bit childish to keep going back & forth to the past. Be grateful you have in laws who want to be part of your childs life. If it bothers you this much maybe you should reconsider bringing any more children into this world this way you no longer can throw things at your husband or just be blessed to have the family you do.


Alright guys remember, giving birth vaginally is fucking embarassing to the mom. Not because it should be but because that is extremely private. Nobody wants to show another family their private area. Especially not while giving birth. So don’t be mean or rude on that part because there should be some understanding there. We all feel awkward and uncomfortable with our image and she had already spoken up about it and it shouldn’t have happened. She asked for privacy and didn’t get it. I am an essential worker and I even get SUPER stressed about covid still and the idea of bringing it home so I understand and I have no family so my sons dads side is there and if that is all she has to say hey let’s take some time until this clears up to keep my SEVEN MONTH old baby safe than okay that is completely necessary and needed because they don’t have a fully built immune system and there are other ways of contact such as video chatting and planning one on one get togethers on some occassions until it clears. I would rather be safe than EXTREMELY sorry because that is your child in your hands if you lose them then THAT IS YOURRRR CHILD IN YOURRR HANDS.

Okay you are petty and a jerk for not wanting her at hospital at the birth I hope you had nobod else there then or my opinion will drop even lower… My opinion.

You trying to keep you baby safe and her being an essential worker I do understand and you should stick to your guns

Now unless grandma is a to toxic person you need to check your attitude and let her spend time with her grandchild after this.


Stick to your guns. Your hubby should be on your side too


Well said ^ … hopefully u can all figure out a way to have a better relationship family is important and it seems u all think so as well but this doesn’t seem like your off to a good start with your husband’s side of the family

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This is when I tell folks it’s my child and I don’t owe anyone an explanation and if there’s a problem kiss my ass :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:

Unless you are keeping absolutely everyone that leaves the home away from the baby then it does seem like you are being petty. Especially since you tried to keep her from the hospital after he was born. Im guessing that you are not a fan of your mother in law. And that may be for a justifiable reason. However, she is still your husband’s mother and your sons grandmother. So unless she is going to cause actual physical harm to your son you need to learn to deal. Because when your son gets older she won’t be the one that he resents for their strained relationship it will be you.