My mother in law wants to take my son on the weekends:Advice?

My mother in law wants to take my son, who is 15 months every month for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong I love a weekend with him, but the weekends are the only time we get to spend as a family because my husband is a truck driver. We have tried to explain to her that she can have him all the time he has other grandparents and aunts and uncles who would like to take him to. But she always gets mad and starts an argument that she doesn’t see him ever because she lives an hour away. Also, she then wants to come over all the time to see him, and I mean 1_2 time a week. I don’t know what to get anymore.


Why not just for one weekend a month? She gets her time and you guys can have some time to just be a couple.


You’re the parent. You can say no.
However one weekend a month would be a nice break for you and your husband to reconnect and have some one on one time.

As long as MIL would respect how you parent, I think it would be good.


What’s wrong with her coming over once a week to see him? Also there is nothing wrong with a weekend a month. Many would be greatful


You are seriously mad she wants to spend time with him. Wow. You will one day wish she was here to spend time with him


All you can do is draw boundaries. Don’t let her guilt trip you into anything. Every once in awhile would be nice, but her son needs to visit his baby too. You can’t really argue with a parent spending time with their child lol. Other than that, let her know that either you or the baby is busy that day/weekend, but you’d love to schedule another day with her.


An hour is not that far. My mom lives an hour away and she doesn’t drive so we go spend the weekends with her or bring her to our house at least 2 weekends a month


Put your foot down …she’s not his mother…she will run all over you if you let her…maybe when your child is older she can have him for overnight visits


He needs to spend time with grandma!! It’s so important. I wish my kids would of had this. It also gets them use to being without you


Ohhh lord no!!! That is way to much! I mean great she wants to be an active grandparent but I’m not sending my baby anywhere for an entire wkend and once a wk is more than enough for her to be over! I’d set boundaries and if she gets mad O well! I’m sure you don’t want her there that much either


If you aren’t comfortable having her take him overnight, maybe she can come to your house once a month and spend the weekend instead?


No flipping way. 1 or 2 weekends a month is plenty unless everyone has the flu or something & can’t manAge.

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I never leave my kid with anyone so I understand. (15 month old). She has never not been with mommy. It’s absolutely your choice. Maybe set a weekend a month she can come to your home, or go out with your family??


Do a routine and explain to her that others would like to spend time with the grand kid as well

If there’s some issue with him being an hour away then let her come over. “We tried to explain to her she can have him all the time” so then why is it a problem that she wants him


I wish my son had a grandparent that was still here to spend time with him😔 he is 3 doesn’t even know what a grandparent is.


You’re allowed to say no. Period. No-one is entitled to shit. You don’t owe anyone anything. You don’t have to compromise or accommodate someone who is ignorant, expects, is misunderstanding, or gets angry if they don’t get their way.

As the parent, you get to decide. Its nice she wants to spend time with her grandbaby. However if you are not comfortable with him being away from you overnight or an hour away, maybe suggest she come over every 2-3 weeks. Set boundaries that you are comfortable with. Its important to spend timr with grandparents. Its also important to not feel like MIL is intruding or just wanting some space and time with their kid. Set boundaries and be firm, if she is unhappy that is on her. You can’t bend over backward to please her and make yourself miserable and harm your relationship with her.

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I hate when grandparents love their grandchildren and want to spend time with them…wait


Why is this even an issue. No means no. She’ll get over it.