My neighbor stole a package off my front porch: How should I handle this?

Alrighty I need opinions so I have a neighbor who is a single mom of 4 and we lived in an apartment complex yesterday I had a package sent to my home from Amazon yesterday, I was home doing my homework for college and my phone died at the time the package notification was sent that my package was delivered. Amazon sent a picture with my package at my porch I went outside it was gone it was outside less than an hour, and it was nowhere to be found. I contacted Amazon they said wait until Monday, fast forward next day one of my other neighbors came over to my house to visit I told her about my package being stolen if my porch she said that my neighbor asked her if she was expecting some kind of keto diet pills this was what I ordered from Amazon so I then went to my next-door neighbors door and her kids answer the door they handed me the pills right away, but my other item (a foot massager) was upstairs, so they went and got it. Everything was out of the box the kids handed it to me with no box my neighbor never walked to me after and she walked right past me and never said a word to me. I went to my house and realized my pills are already opened and I counted two were taken from the bottle I realized at that moment this was not a mix-up. I compared my porch to her porch and with the picture amazon took of the package they left and it, in fact, was on my porch I then looked and saw clear as day her porch had a welcome mate and flowers and mine did not so that would mean the picture amazon took was in fact delivered to my house and not hers as she claims… so my question is what should I do should I confront her? File a police report like Amazon says? Show them the pics and compare themselves or tell my apartment manager what happened it’s clear as day she purposely stole my package thinking it was something valuable (free Christmas presents for her kids) or if her kids took it why were the pills opened and used and also why didn’t she send the package to me in first place if she realized this wasn’t hers.


I’d report her… I have zero sympathy for thieves.


Yuck. I’d report it. Have your packages delivered to the front office from now on.


Id confront her then call cops and landlord to let them know shes a damn theif i dont play with my mail

A thief is a theif. Report her.


I’d report it. It’s mail theft and it’s illegal.

She could have at the very least came and explained herself…


I’d file a report on her. Thieves need consequences because next time it may be something of value and you wouldn’t get it back. But be prepared for her to be nasty towards you after.


Report her ghetto ass nice way to raise kids not

It’s up to you if you want to get the police involved but I would speak to the manager at the very least. That is a federal offense.


If it were me, I would definitely let the apartment manager know what happened, as well as file a police report.

Stealing is stealing, it doesn’t matter how small.


I would contact the police. And contact the landlord. Next time make sure they request a signature with id for it.


Make a report, duh!
I Can’t Believe This Is Even A Question.


Report, to both police and your landlord. Use a drop spot through Amazon so you don’t have that issue again.


both call police for report and contact property management; I can’t stand a thief; you have the proof you need


Mail tampering is a federal offense. Report her asap. SMH I’d be raising pure holy hell if someone did that to me. Also file a no trespass so that she cannot legally enter your property.


Report it! Likely not the first time she has done this, and she’s not teaching the kids good habits at all with that behavior. She needs an honest slap of reality.


Thief… bust her now


If you have proof call cop’s


This is actually illegal what she did so yes you need to report her


yes call the police and the apartment manager If she stole from you she will steal from others Can you get a ring doorbell?