My neighbors randomly stopped talking to us: Shoudl I ask why?

So I just had a house built last year and the neighbors that moved in across from us are odd. We talked to them once and our kids liked to play together. But one day my six year old had a meltdown and didn’t want to listen to what she said. This was like a year ago. It has never happened since. But the neighbors refuse to look at us and will not even acknowledge us if we say hi. Like if I am outside they will go inside. Should I confront them and ask what happened and why they are acting this way? Or would it be best to leave it alone.


Ignore them don’t be bothered they sound like jerks lol


Just leave it alone. Why do you need to know? People do what they feel they need to do in life. If you spending your time trying to find out why they are doing what they are, you are just wasting precious time.


Leave it be. It’s their problem not yours. You are better off without them.


Our neighbors across the street are a gay couple. One waves all the time and the other looks right us and when we USED to wave he would roll his eyes and ignore us and the kids. So we stopped even looking his way. The ones next door are odd he hides until we are inside. But we don’t care if they do t why should we

My husband would wave :wave:and say hello as much as he could not sure if it fixed his feelings or theirs either way js :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actions tell you everything, so I would just leave it.

I would honestly care less lol you should do the same :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Leave it alone. Not even worth looking into girl.

Leave it alone, I had a neighbor like this :flushed::roll_eyes:

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Confront them, No. Asking why they are acting this way, No. All of that is judgment and ego.

However, if you’d like to be friends again and miss them - go over and say just that. It’s an opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding. Best wishes.


you cant please everybody. it is not your lost if somebody does not want to be friends with you. you are better off without them. stop wasting your time thinking about them. just enjoy your home and your family.

I’d wanna know… nothing better than friendly neighbors


I would want to know why just for my peace of mind so I’d understand the situation better. It doesn’t take much to ask.

If you got along well with them then I’d go over and ask. You said that your six year old had a meltdown and wouldn’t listen to her. When kids act up people tend to distance themselves because we all know there are those parents that don’t want you to to chastise their children no matter how wrong that child is. I’m not saying you, per say. I’m just saying that it’s worth a conversation.

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I would just leave it alone if they decide to talk to you they will come around

I just become obnoxious heeeeyyyyyyaaalllll


I would leave it alone. Some people aren’t worth the headache

We had neighbors across the street and finally one day the lady came to Introduce herself and then went on to tell me all sorts of things about who she thought we were and all kinda other things and at that point I was like yahhhh I’m gonna leave that family alone. So what I’m saying is if she stopped talking all together she probably doesnt want to however if she means something to you maybe invite her over for coffee!

The best neighbours… are silent neighbours. Let it be mama, keep saying hello but let it be