My nephew possibly got someone pregnant: How can he find out if it is his?

My nephew is in high school. He slept with a girl who got pregnant and didn’t know who the father is, as she was sleeping with another guy too. Both guys were told, and she planned on getting a DNA test as soon as the baby was born. The baby was just born and looked exactly like my nephew did as a baby. Twenty-four hours later, she told my nephew that he was NOT the father. Certainly, a DNA test didn’t confirm that in 24 hours, right? He wants to know and obviously has a right to know if the baby is his so that he can be present and help care for the baby. How does he go about finding out if the baby is his?


Why not try talking to the girl’s parents.


Get a court order and take a paternity test


Did he take the test and wheres the paper showing it’s not him. He has to do a DNA test as well as the baby in order to know . But I’d require that paper showing it says hes not the dad.


Definitely have to get the courts involved.


Courts will do it. Honestly I wouldn’t trust anyone but the dna test at this point. And if one was done they will be court ordered to show you the results so you can see them for yourself


I’d get the courts involved. Have him file for custody. Then they will make a dna test happen.


Court order! You don’t have results in 24 hours. The home dna test kit still has to be sent off to get results.


He would have to take her to court and get a court ordered DNA test. It sounds like he could be underage and depending on your state laws, his legal guardian will more than likely need to be involved. Run, do not walk. The longer you wait, the harder it will he for him to become an active role in this child’s life. You don’t need hefty lawyer fees, this is a simple process and should be done within the court system if you already question their honesty.


If he goes to the child support agency to get ahead of it he can fill out the paperwork and they’ll order the paternity test and force her to bring the baby in to get tested.


go to court and they will order a paternity test

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They can sometimes do it in the hospital. It needs to be requested. Otherwise, it needs to go through court.


She wouldn’t know for sure herself without DNA testing. Get court order for testing. He’ll need to be prepared to start child support as well.

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There is always maury :confounded:


Court ordered paternity test


Take her to court. He has rights too. Good luck.

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He can get a court order paternity test I’d contact a lawyer or public defender to get it set up.

He can take her to court for visitation and when she says he is not the father they will do DNA and go from there


I’m not sure but good for your nephew and your family for wanting official confirmation on whether this baby is his or not. I see hes still very young but his paternal instinct is kicking in and that’s never a bad thing.


Court order, honestly if he was at the hospital when she had the baby he should’ve demanded it then.