My newborn isn't sleeping well. Can mamas share when do babies sleep through the night?

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All babies are different some sleeps all night when they’re born some doesn’t some takes longer than others. You got this hang in there nap when baby naps if your tired.itll help as well on your half

All babies are different, my son was almost 2 when he slept thru the night. My oldest daughter was 3 months old, and my youngest was about 4 months old.

My daughter started sleeping through the night around 3 months old. It gets easier!!!

Lol my first born didn’t sleep all the way through the night until he was like 2 like clockwork he woke up every 3 hours to eat my second sleeps all through the night tho it’ll come with time

Newborns need to eat . This stage will be over before you know it

Play white noise on your phone.

All newborns sleep and wake every 2 hours or less if breastfeeding idk about bottle fed and it’s perfectly normal…

Took mine 5 months before he would only wake up once at 5 am

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Hes almost 7 ms now and he goes to sleep at 11 PM wakes up at 5 am for a bottle then back to sleep until 9 am

If he’s sleeping in a crib or bassinet it could be because it doesn’t smell like you. Try getting your scent on the sheet. Mines 5 months and he still needs to eat every few hours to go back to sleep.

Every baby is different. My mom said that my brother woke up every 4 hours like clockwork for 2 years.
My son slept through the night at 1 month old.
All I have is: be patient… this will pass. My son just turned 22 years old this past week. They grow up so fast. :sob::sob::sob:

All babies are different. My daughter slept like a dream from the moment she was born and i thought i hit the jackpot. Then she turned 1. And now if she goes to bed before 1am its a good night. Doesn’t matter what i do, she’ll force herself to stay up till she physically cant :upside_down_face:. Her pediatrician suggested small doses of melatonin but half the time she wont take it and the other half she still tries to stay awake.
Can’t win.

Routine is key once you figure it out - bottle, burp, bath,diaper, swaddle,turned on noise machine and down for bed. When he was stuffy or teething we had blocks and propped one side of crib up and that really helped. :heart: good luck :blush:

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When my little girl was that age I was a stay at home momma and during the day I would open windows and make it bright in the house , play music and sing and interact with her and do tummy time etc. to establish that it was day time and then at night I would wind things down I had a night time routine I would give her a bath swaddle her and she would go to sleep and during night feeds I would keep the lights off! My baby woke up several times a night to feed up until like 4 or 5 months but would always go back to sleep at night! Also I would google up a sleep schedule for the baby as well And try to be consistent when giving naps feedings etc.

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Welll I got news for you… I have 5 girls… not one of them slept thru the night until 18 months… so you’re in for the loooong haul honey. Much love and strength. Good luck mumma. P.S DO NOT CO SLEEP FOR YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH… EVER.

Newborns can be difficult for sure. My boy had issues sleeping in the day until he was around 6-8 months. Refused to nap through the day but did sleep most of the night. It’ll get better. But if you feel like you really need help I’d seen out a professional. I ended up paying for help to get him sleeping better both through the day and on his own (without the need of breastfeeding to fall asleep)

they sleep through the night?? mine is almost 3 years old and still waking up randomly :sob::sweat_smile:


Bedtime bath routine and swaddle

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Depends on the baby and you. Babies learn through you. Breastfeeding babies like to eat more often. Bottle fed babies seem to be more satisfied with eating.