My newborn will not sleep at night and my husband and I are exhausted: Advice?

My daughter is a week old. I had a C-section with her, and I’m still hurting and exhausted. My husband works all day and can’t keep his eyes open, either. We are at a loss. He’s had two kids before her, and she is honestly killing us. She will not sleep at night. No matter what we do, she won’t sleep unless she’s in bed WITH the US, and that is not okay for us, nor do we have the room. She sleeps all day, and it’s impossible to wake her up and keep her up. She will fall asleep in our arms, but as soon as we lay her down, she starts screaming and won’t stop. We have tried music, comforting sounds, sounds she is used to, rocking her, holding her for hours at night while she sleeps in our arms, rubbing her back and head, nothing helps. NOTHING. Any advice so we can sleep?


Baby white noise on YouTube helps with mine

Sounds like she may have colic or her days and nights mixed up? I went through this with my son. We had his swing beside our bed and he slept in that for the first month or two. I was up every couple of hours. We had to change his formula etc. it will get better momma; hang in there; they are getting adjusted as well.


She is just a new baby, you need to keep that in mind!! Sleep will come.

Always think to yourself “ this too shall pass”


Sleep with her that’s all. Baby don’t make the night you desire. She make her night.

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She’s a week old!! It is exhausting, but it gets better! Give her time to get adjusted. Try a swing at night.

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Take a deep breath mama💜 my youngest was the same way she was breast fed so she would only stay in the bed and at that time the rock n play . See about getting a co sleeper for your bed if you’re worried about rolling. They usually eventually grow out of it .

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She’s only a week old. You’re going to have to give her time to get adjusted

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She’s a week old, she doesn’t understand morning and night. You just need to persevere. She won’t be awake for long periods through the day. But that’s your job to get her used to that. If you don’t want her in your bed, think about a next to me crib so she’s there, but not in the actual bed. Just get a routine and stick to it. She’s just born. Look up the fourth trimester.


There is a product that imitates a mothers heartbeat that is supposed to help infants sleep. I’ll see if I can find it and post it here

She’s still so new. Give it time Momma :heart: you will all find your routine soon. Talk to your doctor. You sound like you are hurting and overwhelmed. They can help you. You can also call the baby’s pediatrician and ask for advice. You will get through it.


There’s not really much you can do but keep trying and stay calm because babies can feel what you’re feeling. My older three were always great sleepers but my youngest is one and still giving us a hard time at bed time lol it’ll all pass when she’s ready but unfortunately you can’t just change her sleep schedule over night.

My son slept for about 6 minutes in his first 6 months of life and I was a single mother and worked 40-50 hours a week. I had to sleep sitting in a reclined position with him on my chest for the 6 minutes of sleep I got. I honestly don’t know how I survived I just did. I can’t offer any advice just support and hugs. PS my son is 20 now.

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Ur newborn Haha must be ur first little advice no more sleeping no one told u that should be comman scene


read babywise it was a life saver

Try a swaddle blanket. Good luck momma :kissing_heart:

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Worked wonders with my daughter. The hoover worked too. Recorded myself hoovering for an hour and played that to her until the bear arrived. Good luck. Hope you get your much deserved sleep soon x

Have your tried a baby snuggie? My newborn loves being wrapped up and will sleep a few hours at a time and wake up for feedings. Do you have a friend or grandparents that can come stay to help you get a nap in? Ask for help if you need it!

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You sleep when she sleeps. So sleep during the day. Take the night shift and let your husband sleep. You got this.


She is a newborn. Get over it.
They don’t sleep.
It takes time.
I had 5. Spent several years sleep deprived.
What is wrong with you?
So many ways to slowly change sleep patterns.
If you don’t have other kids, try sleeping in the morning with the baby.
This will pass.