My nipples are cracked from breastfeeding: How can I heal them?

So I am 9 months into my breastfeeding journey with my daughter, I breastfed my older 2 for a collective two and a half years. I have never experienced cracked nipples like this before. It hurts to nurse and pump. I’ve already lost a huge portion of my supply. So two questions. 1. How do I heal them?! I’ve aired them out and tried lanolin. 2. How can I increase my supply if it hurts too much to nurse and pump? We’re not ready to be done!


Try applying a warm compress with your own breast milk it was the only thing that healed mine.
I’m sorry Momma, I know how painful that is. :frowning:

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I’ve heard of mom’s using lanolin cream and nipple shields

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Lanolin cream by landinoh works the best. I had the same issue when I was able to breastfeed my daughter. It’s safe for the baby as well. I also use it on her lips when they get dry.

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A tea bag moistened with warm water will help soothe the pain in the nipple. From there is it warm compresses, nipple shields and lanolin cream. There is a tea to drink to help stimulate milk production. There should be a local breast feeding Association you could contact for more help…

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Omg. Use some of your breast milk and rub it on your nipples. It has it’s own oils that will heal them.

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Wet tea bags will help.

You might have thrush(a type of yeast infection) there are baby safe nipple creams

Lanolin to help with the cracks and keep an eye on redness/itching for possible thrush. Hand express some milk on your nipples and let air dry. You can also put coconut oil on flange so it glides a little easier while you heal. unfortunately if you aren’t ready to wean you have to nurse/pump through it and figure out what is causing it to prevent further damage. Both of my kids had tongue and lip ties so I’ve gone through months of being cracked and it sucks. Best of luck to you.

Best thing is your own milk… after pumping and nursing rum them with your milk… heals real fast and it’s all yours that won’t effect your baby. Lanolin works too but when my lactation consultant told me my own milk will do the trick… it was a no brainer… good luck


I remember a friend of mine putting cabbage leaves in her bra … sounds crazy I know but helped her x x

Use the nipple cream as often as you can, keep them slathered in the stuff at all times. Still pump and feed as often as you can, even just for a couple of minutes, it will keep you producing milk. Just increase the time as much as you can at each feed/pump. Dont over do it, when you hurt too bad, stop!! Your body will make more and more milk when you get back to “normal”. Heck, I havent pumped for about 6 months and sometimes when my son is real upset I’ll still leak. It’s what us powerful Mama’s are made for. You got this girl, good luck!

Lanolin was a lifesaver!

Rub your milk on them before and after every feeding, it’s like magic


My midwife told me to take fenugreek to help with my milk supply on my 4th and last child I hardly had any milk until I took fenugreek supplement, fed him until nearly 3.

May need to drink more WATER, cut out all caffeine (this includes chocolate)

Keep them lathered in lanolin and use a nipple shield until it heals.

Lanolin and rub a little extra breast milk on them

Your breast milk is the best thing to use. Or they sell ointments at that store

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Lanolin made my nipples so much worse! I was an exclusive pumper though… the ONLY thing that helped my nipples, and was safe for breastfeeding, was a prescription for nipple cream. Once it healed with that, I used Boob•ease nipple balm and it was WAY batter than lanolin. Lanolin was the devil.
As far as increasing supply, try power pumping once a day for a week. Power pumping helped me after failure from fenugreek and other money I invested into brownies and such from Milky Mama or something. No products ever helped me increase my supply. Just power pump and loooooottttttssssss of water!