My OB told me my baby might have gastroschisis: Advice?

My OB just called and told me my baby might have gastroschisis. Any other mamas have a baby born with gastroschisis, and how did it affect your pregnancy and delivery? What can I expect after delivery?


I have no advice on this, I just wanted to say I am praying for you and your baby!! :heart:

They’ll likely have to do a csection for baby’s safety, depending on the severity of the condition.

My kiddo was born with Gastroschisis almost 9 years ago. I also have connections to a nonprofit that is very helpful with Gastroschisis! Please pm me!

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My grandson had it. My daughter moved from Florida to Portland,OR because she could deliver naturally there with a particular DR. My grandson was in the N.I.C.U. for awhile, he had several surgeries, but is a wonderful, healthy, and happy 4 yr old now.

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My grandaughter had it. She was taken a month early. Then a solo (looked like large condom) was placed over her navel and the intestines went back inside. She spent a month in the NICU. Healthy and happy today!

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My 10 year old had it. Had a csecion with him. Hes had 3 surgeries was in the NICU for a month and now he’s a happy "normal’ little boy with an awesome scar as he calls it

My daughter was born with it I was definitely worried but I was able to deliver naturally and they wisked her away to put her intestines in a silo she was like that for a couple months she did need physical therapy while and bit after she left but she healthy 10 year now with no issues.

My son was born with it. Had a c section but not because of that. He had 1 surgery and we were released in 21 days. To date he has had no complications. Be patient with baby when you get home. It took my baby man quite a few weeks before he felt comfortable after a feeding. Lots of walking the floor and sleepless nights.

My daughter had it. They found it at her 15 week scan. I was sent to Specialist for her. They did ultrasounds every week up until I was 20 weeks. When I 20 weeks we went in and a true Miracle. Her intestines had gone back inside her body. At 35 weeks they gave me one more ultrasound to make sure and I delivered at 39 weeks and 5 days. She came out 8 pounds and healthy. She’s two now and thriving

Found a good high risk OB at an amazing hospital. More frequent visits and ultrasounds quite often! Induced at 38 weeks and she was out of the hospital in a little over 2 weeks. She had the surgery to place the intestines back in a couple hours after giving birth. Every child is different they decide when they can have the surgery case by case. We have had no issues besides really bad gas issues as an infant but grew out of it as a toddler.

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My daughter was born with it. Had lots of ultrasounds during my pregnancy overall my pregnancy and delivery were good no issues no complications I had her natural and she was gone right after birth into surgery she didnt need the silo as her abdominal wall was big enough to place it back in we spent 6 weeks in NICU. She is now 9 years old and is a happy healthy kid zero issues no complications.

I was born with it. I’m now 27 and I’m healthy. I spent a month in the hospital after I was born. The only thing that remains is the scar in place of my belly button. There’s surgeries that can fix this, but i decided to keep mine.


I was born with it. Science has come a LONG way since then. Baby will be just fine :blush:

My oldest daughter had it and was in the NICU for three months and wasn’t able to hold her the first month, but a nurse let me hold her for the first time on my birthday, was an emotional moment for me! She just turned two! She’s awesome, is like every other child, she just doesn’t have a belly button and it’s cute! We read the belly button book all the time! She’s my bundle of joy, and definitely a very strong girl :heart::heart:

My son had gastroschisis. His didn’t close so he had to have surgery as soon as he was born. My pregnancy wasn’t complicated but I did have to have a c section because of how his intestines were all out. He was in the NICU for 4 weeks because my amniotic fluid was leaking so I had to have him at 32 weeks. Now he’s 5 and you could never tell anything happened. His surgeon made his belly button look real so he doesn’t even notice :slight_smile:


You can PM me if you would like. I had a daughter with gastroschisis. I am open to answer any specific questions you might have. Pregnancy doesn’t change too much; more ultrasounds, appointments with your OB and then with a specialist. The delivery will be a scheduled C-section and the baby will have surgery immediately following birth.

A friend of mine had a son with this in 2007. He had 6ft of intestines on the outside of his body. They did a c-section and, took him immediately to surgery to slowly put them back inside his body. The process took about 3 weeks. He’s gonna be 13 this year and, he doesnt have a belly button but, he’s healthy.

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My friend just recently had her baby girl with this. She had a c section. No crazy complications but wasn’t allowed to work once they found out she had it and had to take maternity leave early. Her daughter was in the Hospital for a few months but she had to have 5 surgeries. She’s not even a year yet and is completely off the bag, no more surgeries, and thriving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My 8 year old daughter was born with gastroschisis. Pregnancy will mostly stay the same. More ultrasounds and appointments. I had her vaginally. She had surgery immediately after birth and once more for closure. NICU stay was only a month. No complications since.