My OBGYN said they saw no heartbeat, but then saw flutters: Advice?

I went to the ob-gyn today. They did an ultrasound Wednesday and said there was no heartbeat. Well, today I went back, and on the screen, the ultrasound tech said they saw 2 flutters of the heart, but that was is, so she marked it down as no heartbeat.


If you are indeed having a mis carriage, you need to go
For blood work daily to make sure your HGC levels are going down.
Sorry for your loss.


I don’t understand what your question could be?

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So there is still a baby in your womb? I would keep going back. It could still be too early for a heartbeat, but one forming.


I would request blood work. Your HCG levels could help deterning what’s going on


How far along are you? My OBGYN refused any ultrasounds before 10 weeks because it can be more difficult to hear the heartbeat and can scare mom.


Agree with other post. They should check your blood levels every few days

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Get a second opinion, go take another ultrasound goodluck!:black_heart:

Bloodwork, second opinion

Req blood work…and repeat scans…we could see squat with my son until nearly 8.5 weeks.

At 8 weeks my obgyn said they dont listsn for a heartbeat with the ultrasound but I forget the reasoning. They look for heartbeat with the doppler at 11 weeks.

I would get a second opinion asap. Go to ER and have them do another ultrasound. Maybe even get a baby heartbeat monitor to check at home as well.

How far along are you? I wouldn’t worry about it if you are less than 10-11 weeks because it can be very hard to pick up a heartbeat early on using the ultrasound & even longer using the Doppler

Maybe too early?? I had to do a repeat because they couldn’t find a heart beat either

Not sure where you guys are all from… but here in Canada they use a wand and they have detected all my babies heartbeats at only 6 weeks…


How far a long are you? I went in at 7 weeks and all it was, was flutters. Go get a second opinion if you are around that age

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Are you very early???

I think she is wondering if there is Hope because of the flutters. I just don’t know why an OB would tell you that & not give you more info/tell you what the next steps are. Definitely second opinion

I can’t believe your OBGYN didn’t give you more advice or direction. That’s horrible.


My obgyn didn’t check for a heartbeat till 12 weeks she said it was because baby is so small that before that uts hard to tell. She just goes by hcg levels before that mark