My Older Sister Will Not Stop Hanging Out With My Boyfriend: Help!


"My older sister won't stop hanging out with my boyfriend, and it's causing problems between us. I've explained to them both that I don't like it because it makes it seem like they are together because they hang out more than him and I do. He is willing to go do stuff with her, but when I asked for the Same Thing, it's a problem! I'm pregnant with our first child, and I feel like I'm on the side piece, and they're dating instead. They say I'm crazy for feeling this way, but I think I have every right to. What should I do?"

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"This is disrespectful on all levels. Your sister should respect your feelings in this situation! I wouldn’t allow that if it was me, I wouldn’t quite say that is a normal thing to do."

"If he's picking your sister over you and his baby and she's ok with it as well that shows neither of them has respect for you or your relationship. People don't do that for anything and if they ignore it and won't stop then you got your answer they are together . Break up with him and take care of you and your baby..You don't deserve to be treated like that and don't deserve to be cheated on especially with your own sister. That beyond messed up."

"Some people don't realize that when your pregnant, things that don't seem like a big deal, truly are. Regardless on if they are just friends, they need to respect your feelings, especially at this time."

"Speaking from experience, this is a no. My cousin allowed her younger sister to hang out with her boyfriend, boom she is single now. He's married to her sister."

"They’re both in the wrong. Give them your boundaries and if they don’t respect that then the relationships need to end. Just because someone is your sibling doesn’t mean that they deserve to be a part of your life."

"Giant red flag, sounds to me like they are both gaslighting you, run girl."

"They both know better but he is the one that owes you the most. Blood isn’t a choice but your relationship is. If he can’t respect you then cut him off; same goes for your sister. As for people telling you to fight the sister, ignore that. You’re pregnant and your child’s life comes before some petty revenge. It sucks but take care of you and the baby and forget the rest."

"With you being pregnant emotions are running high but you should leave him now .. shame on your sister for not respecting you."

"If they can't respect your boundaries, you need to go!! It is actually quite weird that they're doing this. I'd be suspicious too. Don't let ppl on here or your family make you feel like you're wrong. You're not!"

"Shes not going to be the only "friend" hes going to have. It's called friends with benefits!" Girl drop that boy and move on he's not worth it. Do you want to feel stressed all your life??? The Right man will do you right."

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