My pap smear came back abnormal again: Has this happened to anyone else?

So I had my yearly pap smear July 2018, and it came back abnormal, and I tested positive for HPV. When I had never in my life had an abnormal pap smear before that one. So fast forward a little, and I started having a lot of issues, and they had to do surgery and remove polyps from my uterus two that were cancerous. But the doctor that did the surgery said he scrapped really well where the polyps were when he removed them, so no worries there. So I had this year’s pap smear late like late August-early September of 2019. When I got my pap smear results back, it said that I needed to call my doctor, so that’s what I did. The receptionist wouldn’t even send me back to a nurse. She told me it was fine; my pap was still abnormal, but I didn’t have HPV anymore. I’m confused. And every time I call back, that’s all she will tell me she won’t send me back to the doctor or a nurse so they can explain it to me… can anyone tell me how it can be abnormal if I don’t have HPV?


Tell them you’ll get directors involved or their boss you need to talk to your nurse or doctor and if you have to come in you will write a grievance! I hope you get it figured out and your fine.


Mine happened after I had my son & when I went for a follow up it was gone. They told me most cases go away on their own & they think it was from the stress of my delivery. I’ve never had an abnormal one after that.


I’ve had an abnormal pap once before, they scheduled me for another pap that same month and results came bk normal, after that whenever I go get a Pap smear it’s Leary’s normal now, I’ll suggest you make an appointment to see ur dr. And have then redo the pap since u have a history of HPV

A receptionist is not supposed to be giving you test results, especially if it’s abnormal or you have questions. Demand to speak to a nurse (not a medical assistant) or your physician. If they still won’t let you, ask to speak to the medical director of the practice.


Sounds like you should consult a new DR. Praying for good out come.


Your pap can be abnormal with or without HPV. Oh, and btw, you cannot get rid of HPV.


Mine are always abnormal, but nothing has ever come of it. Just go to your Dr. office and demand some answers!

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Is it possible the polyps were not a result of the HPV, and you’re still presenting with abnormal cells, but these cells aren’t a result of HPV? It is the main cause of cervical cancer, but I don’t believe it is the only cause of cervical cancer. You really just have to wait and speak to the doctor. Idk why you can’t call the nurse line and ask them to explain your results. I would go there and say you’re not leaving until you can be seen by a dr or nurse.

You need to make an appointment and discuss the results with your provider. They need to answer those questions and definitely won’t over the phone. Usually if you are found to have cancerous lesions after surgery you should be referred to an oncologist for follow up. Good luck.

I have had one abnormal pap. They did the leep to freeze off fhe cells that came back adnormal.

My next pap was normal.

As for your results. They should either send them by mail or have you come in.

They won’t give results over the phone bc HIPAA law.

U have it but it problly showed up that one time . Also i I have abnormal. It just means u have potential for growth thats that’s all

Find a better Dr. And get some answers!!

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Go to the doctors office


Leave a message for the doc to call you back or make an appointment but talk to the doctor


I’ve never had an abnormal one I’m but I’ve also never heard of a doctors office refusing you information on test results. There should always be a nurse available to at least call you back I can discuss anything with you.


Make sure u go 2x a year untill the test is normal then every year

A receptionist shouldn’t be telling you anything. Only doctor or nurse… tell her to shit her face and page the doctor. They are not allowed to do anything but scheduling I promise

I had endometrial cancer had complete hysterectomy to get rid of it. Thank God. Removed everything, even cervix. Dr did a ultrasound to see the spot and biopsey then said it has to go. .i wouldnt mess around. See best gyno you can . I would be probably dead now if I hadnt told dr about a tiny tiny blood spot I had one day when I went for my annual pap. Im post menopausal and he said NO , no amount of bleed is normal after menopause so hense the ultrasound finding the little cancerous spot … I was lucky.

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Yes I had inflammation. Had to take meds and been fine since.