My parents always come over unannounced: Thoughts?

My parents own the house, my boyfriend and our kids live in. They come in unannounced. My mother (we don’t get along) doesn’t even knock. My dad will at least knock. So, am I in the wrong for wanting them to call and ask before coming over? Normally it’s around the time for homework, dinner and even bedtime…


Your totally right. Regardless if they own it, your a grown women with your family living in there. You need your privacy.


You need to move out or suck it up. Yes, your mother is wrong for crossing boundaries but your also living in her house.


You are not in the wrong. That’s your home. You can make the request not I wouldn’t hold your breath about them listening… maaaaybe live with the door locked? Do they have a key?


Ask them to call and keep the doors locked. If they have a key change the locks and don’t answer the door if they continue to just show up.

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Can you lock the door? Or
Change the locks? Are you paying rent or no? They should definitely respect your privacy regardless but sometimes people are not rational with their own property.


Are you paying rent? Yes you need your privacy but if your not at least paying rent then well move. Lock your doors? Talk to them.

Lock your door :woman_facepalming:t4:


If you’re paying rent, which I’m assuming you do. I’d set some ground rules going!

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Are you paying them rent? If so then that’s ridiculous and I’d change the locks. If you don’t pay them rent then you need to deal with it or move

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If you have a lease then they are legally require to give you 24 hrs notice if they want to enter the home LMAO at least in my state. I woukd speak with them first and explain how it makes you feel.

Start walking around naked. Then let her walk in. I bet she’ll knock the next time.


They are your parents…speak up and say something :roll_eyes:

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If you’re paying rent then she has no right to just bust up in the house regardless of the fact she owns it.

Add a chain lock. So even if they have keys that can’t just barge in


if she owns it she can do what she wants ti/with it


No, you’re not! It’s common decency! Have you tried locking the door at least so she can’t just walk in?

Not at all change the dam locks

Answer the door naked next time, they won’t walk in unannounced again


they own the house. they are y our parents. Moral of the story , don’t rent from parents, don’t live rent free from parents, move. End of story