My parents are asking me to pay them back everything they bought me since I was 12: Advice?

I just found out that my parents have kept a running total of everything I owe them since I was 12 and got my first job. For example, a $60 coat when I was 13 cause it was winter and snowy, and I didn’t have one. Allowances throughout my teen years ($10 a week for years, I thought I was earning by doing chores). When I was 18 my car broke down, I had parked it until I could get it fixed, they fixed it and kept it secret until they gave me the keys on my birthday and said surprised it’s fixed (over $2,000 to fix it). The clothing they purchased for my children without me asking (my kids had clothing, they just thought it would be cute), literally everything they spent money on me since I was 12. Well, I’m bothered because I found out they expect me to pay them back. Thousands of dollars since I was 12. Most things I never asked for, other things I needed as a child. I don’t know what to do, and I feel sick about it. My mom showed me the ledger; it started in 1998 and is apparently still going. How do I deal with this? Its 22 years worth of what I thought was gifts, it’s so much money. I feel physically Ill over it.


They need a fkn brain scan wtf


Tell them to piss right off


Haha tell them to take you to court. They’re out of their damn minds

Unless they have proof you agreed to pay them back they are kinda sol


No offense to your parents but that is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life. Like what in the actual hell.


That sounds crazy! You don’t owe them anything!

Why did they even have a child. They sound monstrous.


I think they’re crazy.

Nope sorry youbwere a minor and their responsibility. This is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. Id tell them if they would like their money then they better contact a lawyer and you’ll do the same…


Tell em to f*** off.


Throw the whole family away :weary::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Uhm wtf they are your parents basic things like clothes are a given and the rest if those things sound like gifts they chose to give you.

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I wouldn’t pay it back. Especially things you were given as a child or didn’t ask for. I mean really? Who does that? Not that it would go as far as court but if it did they wouldn’t win and would be looked at like they were ridiculous!

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Legally they’re responsible for you til you’re 18. Sorry your parents did this to you. I honestly don’t know what to tell you.


I’ll take bullshit on the internet for 500, alex…

You don’t owe them nothing.

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Wtf is all I have to

Absolutely not. Unless it’s an agreed upon loan there is no way I would even consider it. Anything I still had that is on the list would be returned immediately and I would never accept anything from them again. I’m sorry but that is just asinine.


tell them to pound sand. you were their responsibility until you were 18 (at least). after that, unless it was understood at the time that you would pay them back, you’re not on the hook. gifts for their grandkids? f that.