My parents do not respect the way I parent: Advice?

My oldest son is six years old. I occasionally let him play educational games on the tablet, but I feel that a 6-year-old does not need to have their nose in video games at that age. His dad lets him play fort nite, call off duty, and other violent games. His dad’s wife reached out to me to let me know that she overheard my son spelling his full name out to someone online in the games. The wife explained to his dad that this is obviously unsafe and he shouldn’t be on the game in the first place. My parents continue to go over my head and try to purchase his games and gaming consoles constantly! It makes me so angry. I continuously tell them that they can waste their money on whatever they want, but this is my son and my rules. I feel that they need to respect my opinion with MY child here. Had anyone else dealt with the other parent or your own parents going over your head about their child and age appropriate toys and the like?


Your the mother ban visits until they cop on.
They’ll soon get it

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I would not be letting me child at 6 to be playing them games put your foot down and tell them all it’s not acceptable


Yes!!! My parents are the exact same way!

My xmothernlaw use to tell me how to raise my kids until I forbid her to come in my house of course this was before electronics was out but it was my house

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The games can be okay as long as you monitor the time. Also you can turn off voice chat so people can’t talk to them and they can’t talk to other players. That being said. Your house your rules mama. A no is a no

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Set some boundaries and make it clear that they will lose their privilege of giving gifts if they disrespect those boundaries and set some with your kid too.

I mean . My Xbox has all are movies and none online games you can play with him. I mean if you don’t like it don’t allow it . But I personally think it helps kids coordination and such to learn how to play games . Does not have to be meaningless games either . There’s a whole world to explore . But yea it’s your choice . But they just want the kid to feel like a normal kid his age

I myself a mother of 2boys now 13 nd 11 were NOT allowed to play violent games at that age. I still dont like them playing violent games at the age they are now bc their attitude and mouth is ridiculous sometimes.

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You’ve said your piece to your family in regards to your wishes. If they continue to give the same sorts of gifts, just sell them on a BST group. Use the money to buy something more to your liking or put it in a savings account for your kid.

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I just want to add it’s nice that you have open communication with his stepmom. I don’t see that a lot on these questions. It’s a nice change to see


Ban them from seeing him simples

Get a Nintendo switch it’s more for the younger kids. I’m planning to get something like that when my son is 5-6 years old. For now he plays educational games on my phone. He will defiantly not be allowed certain games or to use the internet on an Xbox till he’s at least 10 years old.

I totally agree with this mum here! Shes right. The grandparents need to respect her wishes! 1 less child addicted to xbox, playstation is a good thing! Game age restrictions are in place for a reason. My son loves watching himself on my phone camera but only with no internet on, I want him to play with toys and other kids not be plugged in constantly. Be firm and stick to your guns, and if the gp’s carry on refuse point blank to let them give your son gifts until you’ve seen what is in them. Big respect mumma!

Shittt let them buy it if they must then sell it and buy him something he needs :rofl: I feel like there is always things going on at the other parents house its hard to co parent when people have their own views on things

Okay for one, video games now are almost necessary. Our kids are now growing up in an era where electronic and computer skills are needed for almost any job and even school from Pre-K to senior year.
Video games teach reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, cooperation in a team, how to be respectful with a loss and win, hand/eye coordination.
Violence in video games? TV is so much worse nowadays. As long as they know its not real, that’s all that matters.

But the g-parents not respecting your decision is fucked. Tell em to keep games close to his age group or explain that it’s not real. Turn on parental controls and explain digital stranger danger.

Your parents you can control, your ex/the other parent you can’t. Your rules do not cross over to dad’s house unless he wants them to. I will say if you don’t compromise a little on this dad will eventually be the favored parent and you the bad guy who gets to deal with the behavioral issues.

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At 6 my stepson was not allowed to use a headset while playing online games. He still only uses it when playing with his cousins. If his dad won’t compromise on not playing fortnite, CoD, and what not, he should at least understand the not wearing a headset with what happened.

OMG my father hates the way I parent, I told him just cause he messed me up doesn’t mean I gotta mess my kids up!

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You need to file a parent time restriction with the court. Do your research first. Print the summary of the games & age reccomendation, talk to your pediatrician & get statements from them. Better yet ask them to go to court with you. Find any articles you can from respected sources stating the phycological affect these games have on kids. Present all that when you file your petition. Also ask the wife to go to court. Kinda tricky but if she has your son’s best interest in mind she’ll tell the judge what’s going on. I’d request supervised visits, for him to take parenting classes & family counseling. When he learns what is appropriate he can petition & prove to the court that he’s capable of being an affective parent.