My parents try to parent my child: Advice?

I’m a young single parent in my 20s, and my parents were not around when I was growing up for personal reasons. But when I had my daughter, I was nervous yet excited. I had no choice to move in with them when she turned two months because her father left. She’s now one, and every time I want to enforce a rule of things, I don’t want her doing such as candy early in the morning or before bed and stuff like that. But when I tell my parents, they don’t let her eat candy so early or late and please don’t laugh if she hits when she’s mad. But they take it as that I’m coming after them when I’m just trying to stop something from becoming worse. I can’t even say well she’s my daughter I have the right to say no without a big argument happening how can I tell them how I feel without a huge fight.


I would look into moving out. Living under their roof, it’s going to be hard to change how they live daily and what they do in their home. It is your daughter and you should choose how to raise her.


Set boundaries, if that doesn’t work then move out.

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Time to be a big girl and move out!! You are living in their house.


Move out!
As a Nana myself. I had respect for my daughter and if she was present…she handled the kids even in my home
If I was watching them, My rules but of course I had sense not to give them candy in the morning for example
I encouraged my daughter to get herself self sufficient and get out for all our sakes

My moms the same way :confused: its hard.

Move out…
Raise bubba your way…


This is why I don’t live with my parents. Not that I’m bashing you… but after 3 years I tell them DO NOT COME BETWEEN A MOTHER AND HER KIDS! :woman_shrugging: and they have backed off… but I know the struggle. Until you move out you cant say much

Yep. Move out. Do it your way. You know you’re capable.

You have to move out. They don’t yet have respect for you as an adult and a parent. They will not accept your rules just their own. The fact that they provide the roof over your head gives them that leverage, although they may not be intentionally using it as leverage. Grandparents are always going to bend the parents’ rules a little when you aren’t around. But when you’re in their house, they have the ability to do it 24/7 and right in your presence.


Possibly sit down with your parents have a heart to heart. Start off with thanking them for having you. Appreciate it I would like to express concerns with whatever you feel. You just want all of us on same page. May go well. Give it a shot. If not then no choice to find your own place. Good luck.

First of all you always have a choice second move your dead beat ass out of you folks home miss ungrateful


I moved out fast… Your child will lose respect for you. They feel like they will be able to do and say anything because Nana and Papa are going to stick up for them. I learned that hard lesson with my oldest child. So after I was older and living on my own, I had more children. I moved far away from my parents. My babies are doing just fine.

Spend less time in the house and limit their interaction with your child until you can move out.

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you tell your parents that first rule you’re the mother so what you say goes and if they don’t like it they need to bring it up with you and not in front of the child I went through this with both of my children with my parents

They realize that they dropped the ball concerning you. So they maybe trying to make up for it when the grand child. If you cannot come to an agreement with them, as son as possible, make a move.

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Pull your big girl panties up and move out, as soon as you get the chance to do so. Good luck to you and your baby girl in your future


You need to move out asap. You have been there approx 10 months? Definitely time to branch out on your own with your daughter.

Grandparents are different than parents. My daughter gets away with everything with my parents. Don’t take it personal. If you don’t agree, then it’s time to change your situation.

Lay down your parenting rules otherwise move out