My partner doesn't like it when I hang out with my best friend: Advice?

So my and my partner have been together for over 7 years now, we have a child together and another one due next week. We have always had a bit of a rocky relationship, but when we get along, it’s amazing. He has recently decided he doesn’t like my best friend, so every time I’m planning to do something with her and our kids, I get “in trouble”. For example me, her, and our kids went to the park yesterday, and it has resulted in him saying I choose her over him, and he has now moved our house, yet it is meant ok for him to go to his friend’s house. Tonight? It hurts me most because he and my friend used to get on so well, and now he’s decided he doesn’t like her. I always make sure to time for him too, but the hurt and stress he is causing me over something so ridiculous is just too much anymore, I can’t cope with it and cant even speak to my friend about it as I dont want her to think its all her fault.


You need to leave him and move on with your life.


Has to be a reason why.
Find out why he no longer likes her.


Did he sleep with her or did she knock him back


Given everything you’ve said, I feel as though something happened or he knows something that’s making him uncomfortable with this friendship.
It’s likely not for nothing.

If I were you…I would take the time to talk to him and figure out why he has a problem with her. Go into that conversation with an open mind and intention of hearing him out rather than the intention of rushing to her defense.


Is he possessive?? Sounds to me like he’s trying to isolate you! Tell him you don’t tell him who he can and can’t see and he can’t do it to you and if he carries on then you can’t be with someone who tries to control you! You want to show your children a happy relationship, they learn how to be treated and how to treat others from what they see and the last thing you want is for then to think being controlled is natural :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


Red flags… why the sudden dislike of ur friend?
Dont let him control u… ur an adult and he is not ur parent…


He’s making you feel bad then retaliating… Narcissistic behaviour red flags


Either something happened between them two or maybe she knows something… or he’s trying to control you


Um I couldn’t get past “in trouble”. I couldn’t imagine being in trouble with my husband. You are not his child. He can be upset and not happy. This sounds very toxic. You deserve to be treated as an equal.


He is trying to isolate you from those that give you strength!
He’s busy maybe talking to others wile he’s with his friends so pushes that guilt on you by causing drama!
Or maybe tried something with her.
Does he try controlling other relationships with family or friends?
Does he make you feel guilty for any time. Spent away from him?
All red flags!
I’m f***ing grown, I don’t get in trouble!

He is jealous of ur love for her I’ve Been there he even accuse us of being lesbian leave his ass it’s only gonna get worse trust me I dealt with a jealous pig for way too long before igot the courage to leave RUN AND RUN FAST !

He seems toxic. It raises questions like, “did he want her and she rejected him?”


Are you sure they didn’t sleep together and now he’s being all shady


Seems like a narcissist, sounds like something I went through…

This is how abusive narcissist isolate you so they have complete control and get you away from those who can help you and give you strength. Hes going to start with your friends then work his way to your family until you are completely alone and only have him and no way out. Hes going to spew toxic lies about them until you believe them. Anytime you try to reconnect, retaliate, or try to leave it will result in you “getting in trouble” and him punishing you with whatever form of abuse he sees fit.

You need to leave now. While you still have time to. Once hes accomplished the other things it is almost impossible to leave because the abuse won’t just stop at isolating you. No a narcissist will tell everyone around them how toxic you are and you are the one that is abusive. They will threaten to take your kids and make you think you aren’t good enough. They will break you until there is nothing left and mold you to their own preference and liking. Once hes done those things leaving is not only almost impossible its dangerous because who’s going to be there and believe you? He made sure no one would. Leave please.


You honey are not in trouble by a partner. And when I read his sudden dislike for your friend I thought hmm when did they sleep together. There are a lot of read flags and being controlled is not ok. You deserve better you need to realize that and so do your children.


If he liked her and suddenly he doesn’t something happened between them you don’t know about. Nothing else makes sense.


Um he definitely had sex with her and is trying to not out it by pushing you away from her. I would drop them both

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You really should consider leaving him … Don’t let him tell you who you can and can not hang out with