My partner has decided he doesn't want anymore kids: Advice?

So my partner and I have two gorgeous boys, he knows Iv always wanted a big family, and I told him I’m ready to have another. He has told me these two are the only ones we are having together, and if I want more children, I can go elsewhere to have them. I’m not sure how to feel about this! Part of me is saying we’ve got two, and at least I went through it all, and part of me is saying it’s not fair he can just decide my life like that without compromising or even talking just a straight-up No! Any advice?


You’re right he can’t but at the same time you can’t control his. You have to respect his wishes as he has to yours. You have to decide if it’s a breaking point for you.


Decide whats more important… What u have now or a bigger family. If you’re happy now, understand his POV. If more kids is worth it, leave


Sounds like a serious discussion that should have taken place two kids ago…


My husband did this until he begged for sex all the time… I told him flat out its either none or take the risk of another baby


This sounds like a conversation that should have taken place earlier. I have no advice other than if you love him, is not wanting more kids really a deal breaker? If so, you may want to re-evaluate why you’re with him…


Well go get some sperm at a sperm bank. He said “get it from somewhere else” :woman_shrugging:


He is entitled to only want 2 children . And you are entitled to want more . Maybe your futures do not align . But you can’t force him to have more just like he can’t force you to not want more


My husband and I are in the opposite positions. We have a 2 year old girl and I’m due in 3 weeks with another girl and I was done after the first but he wanted more so I said okay one more. And now I have a chance to get my tubes tied because my doctor is awesome lol and my husband is so mad that I’m even considering it. I have horrible pregnancies. This pregnancy I’ve had horrible heart problems and I’m on all kind of medicine and he knows I don’t want more and that I’m miserable but he’s still mad that I’m even considering having my tubes tied. I get aggravated with him just thinking about it. Just consider what it’s like the other way around


Sad. Did y’all talk about this before hand? Have y’all had a conversation other than this NO? You have to decide if this is a deal breaker. No he can’t just make decisions for you and your life, but you can’t his either.


You are right but don’t force him or it’ll go so bad

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He’s allowed to change his mind and choose nomore for him, whether in a relationship or not. It’s your decision if you want to accept that and just have the family you have and be happy or if you want more than maybe you need to leave


Raising children is a huge responsibility, the more children the more responsibility. Plus it’s super expensive. The added expenses and antics of children can be overwhelmingly stressful. So consider your man’s point of you.


I agree…it’s not JUST HIS relationship!!! So it should NOT be JUST HIS decisions. That’s not fair.


I be leaving him lol

You both need to compromise but if he won’t then it’s up to you if you leave or not.

How could you compromise? He’ll give you half a kid?


Things that should have been discussed before having ANY children together

Maybe HE FEELS he can’t handle more then 2 money wise and stress
How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot and you only wanted 2 and he wanted more ?
Would you want him to pressure you ?
Yes he can’t control your life but the same goes for you n his life.


I mean it’s his decision also so if he says no. Then it’s no no1 can force someone to have a baby. Maybe sit down ask him why he doesn’t want another one. Be in his shows if u did t want more kids n he did how would u feel if he kept asking or demanding for another. Give it time