My partner is doing drugs again and Idon't know what to do: Advice?

So basically before I got with my partner, he would go uptown a lot and sniff coke, I disagree with that completely, so he promised me he would never do drugs again. We are now expecting a baby. We both went to a family member’s birthday party, and I find out he’s sniffed coke and tried lying to me about it! I get a taxi home, and he decides to go up to town with his friends. I feel like he is just not ready for this baby at all and not mature enough. Please, no judging, but I’ve been in two minds on what to do about my baby; I’m only early in my pregnancy and just feel if this is what he’s going to do, I can’t bring up a child with him. I really need advice, do I stay in the hope he will change? Do I keep the baby and risk him acting like this? Do I not keep the baby? I’m so upset and have no clue what’s best for everyone. Please help


Get the hell out of there girl. I’m sorry you have to go through this. :heart: i’m sending you strength, whoever you are.

You can’t force someone to quit. They have to do it themselves …
honestly I’d leave. Less stress for you and the baby.

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Get you and your baby out that situation.


Keep your child not him :ok_hand:


Leave him. You and your baby don’t need to be around someone like that. He clearly needs to get help to work through his addiction but he’s gonna need to do that on his own.
Just my two cents

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He will not change my ex did the same he promised no more drugs then after our first he got worse and worse then by our fourth he was so fucked up on drugs he didn’t know what day it was , you can’t wait for him to change they never ever change get away from him x

Get away from him and raise your baby in a better environment.


Stay strong and leave the law is on yr side…:sparkling_heart:

It is not the babies fault, keep that baby! And honestly, I’ve been around addicts my whole life & they won’t stop doing the drugs unless THEY want to! They don’t care about anything but themself … an addict won’t put it down for anyone unless they want it


Leave, girl. Not worth trying, you’re just going to stress yourself out. He’ll learn one day.

It’s so hard to change a drug addicts mind.
Any addicts mind, for that matter. They have to want to change and get clean on their own terms.
You said it yourself, he was doing it before you guys got together.
I definitely wouldn’t stay. Sounds like he’ll always chose drugs over you and baby.
Sad to say, but you need to leave and do what’s best for you.


You can’t change his behavior. He needs to want to change and get rehab. Go to an NA meeting to help you to be strong.

Ditch him and raise your baby…baby before partners


Get out!! He will never change. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Prayers for strength & courage & wisdom

Leave his ass where he standing baby girl

Hun, you need to do what’s best for you and your little. As of now he has not changed which means you are putting yourself and your baby at a dangerous risk. Ask yourself, is it really worth it? Is it worth raising a child in a potentially dangerous situation? I would say call it now and if he seeks out help and stays clean for a long time maybe think about it then, but if he gets clean and it’s a month it’s to soon, 2 months to soon, 6 months, to soon. At this point he really needs to figure out what’s more important, being a father or drugs. Some never snap out of it and always will choose drugs, and some realize once they have lost it all and finally see their precious littles face some things are more important then getting high. Leave let him hit rock bottom and maybe he will bounce back. Us women are unbelievably strong, lean on one another and dont be afraid to ask loved ones for help if you start to struggle. You can do this mama, be strong, put your foot down and let him go or else he will pull you under water to drown with him.

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You’re not going to make him change and a baby isn’t going to make him change. He has to want to change for himself. Leave and raise your baby in a drug free home


Sounds like he’s still a boy.
Doesn’t look good for the future, right? If hes not prepared to first admit he has a problem and second, do something about it, its time to leave

Keep the baby. Leave him. Always give him the option to be in the child’s life. Or give it up to a family that would love the child. Abortion isn’t the only answer here. If you are ready to be a mother and can handle it on your own… do it!!! Love that baby with all that you have.