My partner wants me to move with him due to his job: Advice?

Moms, my new partner, wants us to move to another country because he was offered a better job there. But that means I must leave my job and family. I love him, but I’m scared of being completely reliant on a man again. We pregnant, and I’m the one holding back. Is there something wrong with me for not wanting to give up my own stability and well life? And if I love him, shouldn’t this be easy? Please help a worried soul…


Depends on what country.

New partner again how long? I’m not moving to another country and giving up my job and stability for no one. What happens if this new job doesn’t work out or you break up?


If this partner isn’t a husband it’d be a hard no for me…


Depends how long you have been together. I wouldn’t risk it.

Depends what country, it sounds fun to move but if you’re first time mom I’d stay closer to family you’re gonna need the extra help. :blush:

How stable is your relationship? How long have you been together?

If it’s been a while and the relationship is stable, I say go for it and treat it as an adventure! Throw caution to the wind. What have you got to lose

Please watch the movie “not without my daughter”. Explains why you shouldn’t, even for someone you love (idk what country for you, but my soon to be ex husband tried getting me to go to jordan)

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Yeahhhhh I wouldn’t do that.

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I would not leave :us: FOR NOBODY !

If you’re having second thoughts and not sure, listen to your inner voice, it’s speaking to you for a reason!


Don’t do it! I wouldn’t risk that for anything

Theres got to be a reason your holding back and you need to go with your gut if it doesnt feel right dont do it


If he wants to take the job that’s up to him, it can be a test to how string your live is. If you can do it long distance and hin come visit you for the first while. If everything works out and you want to check it out then go do it, you can visit to see what it’s like and all of that. But I wouldn’t just up and leave especially if your family is willing to help you out with a new baby.


I wouldnt advise giving up everything to move across town… you will probably regret it…


More information is needed to judge .


Dont do it. Coming from someone who did this DONT DO IT


Let him go ahead of you give it a short time think about what your doing you feel uneasy for a reason

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Need to explain more into your back story, how long have yous been together? . My cousins husband got a job in Hawaii so that was quite the move. Picked up and just left, it was hard and different. But she loves it. It all depends on your relationship and if you feel you’re ready and should. If you love him and are sure about raising your baby in another place, take the adventure.

Also think about things like health care in this other country especially with baby, you would be so Isolated too.