My partner wants to get into the swing lifestyle

So this is definitely new territory for me and our relationship. My husband just shared he wants to get into the swing lifestyle. I’m so confused and torn and have so many questions. Do you think he’s getting bored of our marriage but wants to keep the family together? What if he falls for one of our partners? What if i don’t like my ‘partner’ from the other couple? how do we even set ground rules for this kind of relationship?


I will say from being a swinger you guys have to have absolute trust in each other and honesty is always going to be a huge deal just sit down and talk about your limits for both of you before you ever do anything and then just check out a club you don’t even have to do anything the first night be a voyager see if you like it go from there

Yes check out a club, ask people who are already swingers. I tried it once with an ex and found the lifestyle wasn’t for me.

My husband and I tried out for a couple of years, it was fun for a while then we decided to stop because there were some insecurities. We are very much together still and happier than ever, we were always honest and respectful of each other’s feelings. My best friend and her ex husband also tried the lifestyle but it broke their marriage… sex addiction & alcoholism was also a factor in their split.