My partner will not stay off of dating sites: Advice?

I can’t seem to get myself out of a toxic relationship and stay out… my partner of over two years has been on a dating site since this January and keeps getting on them even after he says he doesn’t get on them. I can’t ever stay broken up with him, and it’s hurting… we have two kids together. I’m pregnant with my third. It’s a constant fight we go through. I tell him to delete him he does for a week, then he’s back on them. I’ve let my feelings out. I’ve told him how it made me feel how I felt like I wasn’t good enough… how can I get myself to stop believing him when he says he’ll stay off… I just give up… I don’t want to hurt myself anymore.


Make an account for yourself and see if y’all match :woman_shrugging:t2:


Leave him. You said yourself it’s toxic

Leave that jive ass turkey. Gotta have more respect for ya self and children than that.


Just walk away hard but better for you and the kids in the long run

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Your kids will be happier if you are apart and a happy mummy than together and a sad mummy x


A person can only do to you as you allow them to.

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He will keep doing it because he knows he will get away with it because you won’t leave him

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Dating sites are full of married men . He wont stop.


And eye for an eye. Fuck it. Why not get entertained. His doing it. Aren’t you lonely and bored and hurt.


Just walk away. Take the kids and go somewhere then just don’t respond to him unless it’s directly related to the children. File for custody/divorce and move on with your life. You deserve better.


Run run as fast as you can

Think about your children! That’s all you have to do. By not getting away from him you are teaching them as they grow that this behavior is normal and ok.


Leave. If choose to stay then accept it.

Stop expecting change and dont waste one more second on him. Put your big girl pants on and get yourself and your kids away from that toxic environment.
IT WONT CHANGE! He is laughing at you behind your back!

Especially your prego don’t need stress and your kids neither if u have some where to stay then go and leave not fair on ur kids n the baby

He’s definitely toxic, you believe what he says because you love him! The sad reality is, he doesn’t love you! I know first hand it’s difficult but what needs to sink in is his actions aren’t matching his words.

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Ask yourself if you want your children to grow up believing this is what love should look like. And then allow yourself to love yourself enough to set the boundaries and step away from that which hurts you. Until you are ready though to step into yourself and love yourself-no amount of words or advice will penetrate the cycle you are in…


You can get yourself to stop believing him by reading what you just wrote… he’s been on a dating site since January and keeps getting on them even after he says doesn’t get on them. Do you want to spend the next 9 months doing/living the same thing as the last 9?

We teach people how to treat us - he misbehaves, you accept this behavior, you stay with him you have taught him he can behave this way and you won’t leave. There is no consequence for him so where is the motivation for him to change ? I’m not blaming you for his behavior - I am trying to tell you that he will continue to do what he does because he knows you won’t /can’t /choose not to do anything about it. He is a selfish person and it’s not good to teach your children that this behavior is acceptable - kick him out and move on!