My partners family doesn't buy my son gifts: Advice?

Long story short, my son comes from a previous relationship; my partner’s daughter comes from a previous relationship as well. Well, it’s Christmas, and we all know it’s that time of year when people love to send gifts to show their love to their loved ones. Well, this year, I made it a point in my family, and it’s been this way since my partner, and I got together for them to act as his daughter is apart of our family. Meaning she comes to family events, and everyone needs to make sure to try to get her something small, just to show her that she matters to our family. Well, my partner’s family has always had issues with me since to beginning; I noticed the emotional manipulation between certain relatives. I wouldn’t tolerate it nor keep my mouth quiet when it came to my partner and our children. Long story short, his grandma sent a present in the mail; I was under the assumption she was sending a gift for both kids; I didn’t think her not liking me would affect my child. Well, she only sent gifts for his child, none for mine; multiple family members have done this already; am I wrong to be a bit irritated? I’ve already got someone telling my two-year-old stepdaughter confusing things, such as, she calls me by a nickname (I don’t want her to feel like she has to call me mom, I want it to be her choice). Well, I hugged her dad last visit, and she started hitting me and saying “(my nickname) and dada no! Momma and dada, no dada and (my nickname). It honestly hurts my feelings because someone is teaching her this. I don’t know what to do; how do I approach his family to fix it, so my son isn’t left out? How can I approach my partner about it?


Had a freind who went thru this it never changed and she ultimately ended up leaving the relationship.


Don’t ever expect people to send gifts to your kids especially if they’re not blood related. Just don’t it’s not their obligation. It’s better not to expect anything. Buy your child extra gifts from yourself so he can have the same amount of gifts as your other child.
I have 2 kids from a previous relationship. And my husband has 2 kids from a previous relationship that live with us as well. My husband cares for my kids as his own as i do to his kids. But i never expect gifts from his family for my kids. I rather let them do it by heart and if they don’t i simply stay away from them amd not involve them in our life.

My parents just bought me gifts and put my grandmothers name on them so I wouldn’t know the difference

Leave now!! Your partner can see what’s going on and has said nothing!! Choose your sons well being over your want for a man!!


This is something that you partner needs to fix… or at least help you fix. You need to let him know that it affects you, it hurts your feelings. Communication, he doesn’t know unless you’re up front about it.


His family have always had issues with you from the start? Sorry hun but sounds like they won’t change and neither will your partner. Leave.


Just like you told your family that they must treat your partners child the same as they do your child your partner must step up to his family and do the exact same. If he doesn’t then you are wasting your time and need to end this relationship immediately. This kind of behavior really emotionally effects children


If your man didn’t put a stop to their crap in the beginning, it’s not going to change. You will either have to learn to live with it, and have your child live with it. Or leave. Been there girl, I left.


It is his place to stand up to his family about this bad behavior … If he doesn’t he’s not the right man for you … JS


your man is not stepping up. He is not worthy of you


If she’s only two, it sounds like it’s been fairly recent that you guys have gotten together. He should be the one to mention it to his family about being inclusive of your child, but he hasn’t. And someone is definitely teaching her to say that. Makes me wonder if her mom isn’t over him yet or something. Idk the whole thing sounds like you guys rushed this too much. Just my opinion.

He needs to stop that kind of behavior even if it means returning the gifts if they want to blatantly disregard your son. Period! He needs to demonstrate this behavior is NOT ok in a manner in which sends a clear message! If he doesn’t then my advice is to leave the relationship. By him doing nothing will speak volumes. What is allowed will continue. Good luck to you and your son. Best wishes

Not all families are loving and caring as yours! Make it a point for your son to understand that. He will love the people who love him. Talk to the blind partner and tell him to step up and say something to his family! Kids should not be treated like that!


Had this happen myself with my daughter and son short story daughter different dad ,but we like you had problems when birthdays and Christmas would come around they would buy a gift for our son and leave my daughter out so to fix the problem I returned everyone of the gifts with a note explaining there are 2 babies in our home and no one will treat one better than the other we stopped all family gatherings on his side after a year things turned around ,but thankfully my husband stood by me and our kids . You have to stand your ground specially when it comes to your kids.

You need to leave .This will not change anytime soon . Their attitude is transferred to your child. He doesn’t seem to have an issue with their behavior if you mentioned it to him. It can only get worse as your child gets older


i wont bother trying to fit in espeacilly with my child. I would explain to him that there are a lot of people who truly loves him so no need to waste time trying to prove himself to dont. you are only setting him to be hurt and disappointed. you dont want that of cors

My daughter was 14 months old when I met my now husband she calls him by a nickname and she is now 9 still calls him by it. We do separate family events we now have 3 kids together and my 9 yr old. My daughter gets a ton of things from me and is probably more spoiled then the rest but I make sure I make up for everyone else including her father. She wants for little and needs nothing

If it was me I would have sent the gifts back. Why should the kids suffer because of their lack of respect for you and your family .


I wouldn’t stay no where my son is excluded!!!