My partners family doesn't buy my son gifts: Advice?

My partners family or mum treats my son differently, she doesn’t come round anymore

I would include both children in all activities if they dotb receive something then the grandparents need to explain to them why.

Ok I for one totally disagree with so many saying leave him and that his family should accept your child and buy him gifts. Honestly nobody needs to accept your child besides your partner! Shouldn’t matter what his family does or doesn’t do. Your son has his side of family to buy him gifts! I think putting that pressure on them isn’t right it actually should come naturally like if they are loving and caring for another child even if it’s not blood related. Some people just see things differently and that’s ok it’s up to you & your partner to love and show affection to your child and not care so much what his family does or doesn’t do. Let’s be realistic your child isn’t part of there family he’s only part because your dating there son! Don’t make this be a materialistic thing just because they don’t buy him gifts!


Run. Don’t spend anymore time with this guy. He’s in the way of a the real man coming into your life.


Leave, if your partner cared he’d notice and say something. He sees it and is refusing to say something or do anything. That means he doesn’t care.

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How invested are you in this relationship? Is marriage on the table? If so, then you and your partner need to be a team that says the same message to everyone.There are multiple children in the house so please consider a gift that everyone can play with.Little children do not understand adult dynamics.They can feel when someone is being unkind.Ask the adults to take into consideration everyone’s feelings.All children deserve to be treasured.If the adults aren’t capable, why put your kids through it? Gifts aren’t important but relationships are.Don’t allow toxic people to poison your child’s mind.


Return to sender! Tell them if they want to buy only her something that’s fine, but they can send it to her mothers house. Their is no need to let your children feel “unloved” in their own home :woman_shrugging:

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Your man needs to stand up and deal with his family, not you.

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Never ask the internet for relationship advice. All you will get is negative advice that says “LEAVE” etc… a bunch of washed up, washed out, miserable Karen’s giving you “advice”. So let me give you logical advice… You need to have a sit down conversation with your man and discuss your irritations, disappointments, and concerns… It is your partners responsibility to be a man and set boundaries and acceptable standards with his side of the family… Start with a discussion of expectations with your significant other…


You can’t change what his family does, but maybe he can. He can ask his family to be fair and either include all kids or none. It’s his family and only he can try and change the situation. If he doesn’t see the problem and feel the same as you, then maybe you’re not right for each other.

Buy your son gifts n hide some, when those people bring for the other kid, you pick out something n present to your son. You can never force people from your partners side to like a kid you had in your previous relationship. It’s plain that kid doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to your former man’s side, n they would be the ones to shower him with gifts, coz he is thier blood. But this current relationship, don’t force them, you will spoil your marriage trying to force them to accept a child that is not thier blood. It’s like even men, to get a man who will completely love a child you have had from a previous relationship is a God send, some will pretend, others will plainly tell you to take the child to your people. So sis don’t hurt about that.

Get some family counseling…

I think you should stop taking it all so personal. You can’t make people send your kids gifts. I wouldn’t take anything a toddler says to heart

Your partner is a grown ass man,sit him down and have a honest chat,he needs to stand up for you and the family,being left out is exceptionally bad for a child,the feeling if not being wanted!!! Or have a chat with the whole family,

Take your partner and get away from this family they are toxic they will ruin your marriage sister, go, and if the child disrespects you, tell the father if he doesn’t discipline her then u do it

Everyone can round up gift and meet at your house.
Make them uncomfortable in your home just as they have you.

They all get gifts, or no one gets gifts. Send it back. U are the champion warrior of ur family. Strength to u

I have had issues with my partner’s family but they still get my son gifts (my son is from a previous relationship) and my family gets my step daughter gifts.

You have every right to be annoyed.


Your step daughter is not understanding so dont take it personal. She will learn right from wrong, in time. As fr the gift. I agree with most comments, your partner needs to send the gifts and sort his family. As a mom u will feel hurt n I’m glad u stand up fr yourself. I wish you and your family everything of the best for Christmas. Dont let them Grinches steal your Christmas cheer. All the best


Went through this, but both kids are biologically his. For some reason my daughter got treated much different than her brother. I wasn’t very vocal about it, but if I had to do it all over again I’d for sure say something. Even if it doesn’t change anything, at least you know you stood up to them. Blessings…