My period has been really late and I do not think I am pregnant: Advice?

I have a question regarding my menstrual cycle. I am 26 years old with one child. I am not on birth control and don’t feel like I’m under a lot of stress. I do not have a doctor right now due to covid and moving to another state right before covid started up. Last month, my period was late by 29 days. Which is unusual due to the fact I am pretty regular with my periods. I’m usually 22 days with a period lasting 5 days tops. Last month I had my period for 2-3 days. This month, I am now 35 days late. I don’t feel like I’m pregnant and honestly don’t think I am. My husband and I stopped trying a couple months ago. Every test I took with my daughter came back negative. Has anyone experienced menstrual cycles like this before?


Have you had bloodwork to check your hormone levels? My daughter is 13 and was just diagnosed with PCOS. :cry:

If you aren’t doing anything to prevent pregnancy (condoms or other birth control) then it is very possible you are pregnant. I assume by 35 days late you mean your cycle is at day 35 and not that you are over a month past when your period should have started. Either way, take a test and make an appointment to see a primary care doctor or go into a walk in and get an hcg test done.


Blood work. Ask your doctor to run some panels. Also, weight gain or loss always thru me out of whack and I know a lot of women that have the same issue, maybe that could be the culprit?

U can always take a test and see it won’t hurt nothing

Go to the doc to confirm. Why is this even a question?

Pcos causes that as well

I have periods that last 3-5 days…I have a thyroid problem.

My cycle is every 34 days… For a long time I always thought I was late but then did research and realized my period just comes ever 34 days or so instead of the normal 28 days

Stress. I had the same issue for six months and spent a lot on pregnancy Tests for no reason.

Iv been there. In the last almost 4 years I have missed many periods. The most recent this year I missed 3 months, with 6 negative test. They randomly started back up and have had them the last 3 months. :woman_shrugging:

Even though you don’t feel stressed… moving to a different state is a little stressful. Sometimes your a little stressed even when you don’t feel like it. :heart:

Seems to me your just stressed out. The move + this covid crap is stressful in its self. Also your body could just be in need of an earth shaking jello body making orgasum. Maybe you need to tell hubby to step it up s bit. If your not pregnant then that should do the trick🤓

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I haven’t had a cycle since April 26th and my doctors don’t wanna do anything because I’m not 3 months late… I’m very regular as well and I’m not pregnant but they don’t wanna see me until I’m 3 months late

You are still young enough to have what they call an irregular cycle. However this is something that needs some attention. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Could be a number of things but #1 take test and if not have a dr look into it it could be pcos, thyroid, or other things but dont wait you could even to the hospital and explain no dr I’m having these issues and go from there

I believe the move could be stressful , sometimes we don’t feel our body react to things but they do !!

Just because you don’t think you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you aren’t. Take a test and go from there. If you aren’t pregnant you will need to make a doctors appt…

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Depending when you had your last child your body maybe just getting back on it’s original cycle but still take a test or two

I have had something similar to this. 2 months after giving birth to my daughter my period was way out of whack! Went to my doctor and he basically told me that I was fat… (I gained 121lbs during my pregnancy) it continued to be even more thrown off till I no longer had a period. Again according to the doctor I was just really fat… looked into a new doctor and turns out my thyroid was super screwed up. My child is now 11… I havent had a natural (actual without the help of medication which has only been twice in 11 years) period since march of 09… make sure you get checked out. I’d hate for u to have to go through the hell that I’ve been through. Weve wanted another baby since our daughter was 6 months old and I’m pretty sure we will never have a second child because of everything my body has gone through and is dealing with…