My period is late but all the tests I have taken are negative: Advice?

My period is four days late. I’ve always been regular both before and after my first child. I’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests, and they’re all negative. There are no signs of my period coming, and I’ve had some pregnancy symptoms. Has anyone gotten a negative and been pregnant? Also, what should I do since my period hasn’t arrived? Should I set an appointment?


Go see a doctor depending on age you could be in the beginning stages of perimenopause

I got multiple negative test both times I was pregnant. They were never positive until I was almost 4 months. But also I got my period until 4 months in. I say wait it out for another week or 2 and go get a blood test.

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Doc office gave my cousin a pregnancy test came back negative. Same day I had her take one I bought at CVS and it was positive. So I happens

I dont test positive until I’m around 6 weeks. (I tested negative for 5 weeks even the night before when I got my first positive the am after.) I tested all times. With clear blue. Finally got a yes and made a doc apt found out i was 6wks. (We were really trying for our first baby after we got married. Took us almost 2yrs and a wedding to finally get pregnant. Lol

Wait a few more days and then take another test

Every different type of test has different levels of hormones need to show positive. The best way to know for sure is blood work repeated after a week to show if levels have changes as numbers just quickly early on. As being one that’s normally on time every month I’ve had a few “scares” doctors told me as you age the hormones from stress or change in daily activities can throw off your cycle if you don’t start within 14 days of missed period and home tests still say negative would be the best time to see a doc to double check what’s going on

I never tested positive until I was a week late. And then they were so faint I thought I was seeing things. I never get a bright positive until around 10-12 days after my missed cycle

Use your head go to Doctor


Could be stress too-


I never tested positive until I was at least 10 weeks

I’ve been 2 weeks late with a negative.

My daughter n law just found out she is pregnant and all her test kept coming back negative. Finally got two positives and went to doctor. She is so early on the doctor didn’t see anything so did blood work to check levels. Went back two days later to check and see if her levels were going up and they had doubled which they are supposed to but still to early to even detect pregnancy by ultrasound.

It takes longer I think. When I found out I was pregnant, my very last period was September 25th, didn’t get my period whole month of October, November I took a test every day and didn’t get a positive one until November 6th.

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I am usually very regular and i track it with the app. I swore I was pregnant even with 3 negative tests a week a part. My period ended up being 14 days late!

With my daughter I didn’t see the positive until after 9 days past missed period.

Sometimes you can just have a late period. Wait a few days and test again if your period doesn’t come. I wouldn’t call the doctor just yet. Other things can cause a late period other than pregnancy

I would have a blood test done. That happened to me with one of my pregnancies. My hcg levels were too low in my urine, but showed in the blood test. Good luck!

I have 5 kids with my first (he is 8) I didn’t know I was pregnant till I was 5 months about the 3 month mark I had no period but no other signs and negative pregnancy tests then at 5 months all the signs and symptoms hit I would go in and see if they will do a blood test and just talk to them

It took me being two weeks late with my daughter to get a positive test