My periods are unbearable: Advice?

I’ve had three kids. (I am 32), kids are 11, 8, & 3… I’ve had bad periods all my life and have also suffered from miscarriage more than once. But as of recently, my periods have gotten to the point where it brings me to my knees. Sharp shooting pain from and into my back as well… I’ve had check-ups, and nothing has ever come back… Am I just crazy, or should I continue to seek for some help? I’m in so much pain; it’s unbearable…


Get on the pill and take the “active” pill constantly; therefore, you won’t have a period. My doctor says there is no reason to have a period unless you’re trying to become pregnant so there’s no issue in not having a monthly period. I had surgery to determine I had endometriosis. My periods were extremely painful.

I’d go to your GP ask to be reffered to gynea and they can do some investigating.
I suffer terribly and Its because I have endometriosis xx

Have you considered a hysterectomy? I had what I didn’t need removed about 3 years ago because my periods were bad and Im loving life period free. Wish I’d done it sooner. I’ve got 2 kids ages 13 & 17 so no way was I having anymorem

Go see your doctors
Not Facebook for medical advice

Also I had a uterine lining 2x as thick as usual I had a DNC and they scraped it. Helped for awhile. My Dr is putting me on the pill and I’ll skip the period ones. We will see!

Yes! Obgyn for sure! You can get a D&C and different things for that kinda problem. Have it looked into!

Endometriosis, probably,birth control will
Fix most of your issues,went thru this at age 27-28,

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You probably have dismenoria that’s what I had and the pain would bring me to my knees!It will get better when you go through menopause but for now drink beer on your period,there’s something about the yeast in the beer mixing with your body yeast that calms down the cramps also pain killers,go to your dr and tell them that your period pain is unbearable and he will give you a present!Also heating pads and water bottles work good!

She a lady dr. They seem to listen more.

I went on the pill and got mine under control. I just recently stopped taking it as I’ve started menopause.

Drink lots of camomile teas, it helps.
Stay away from red meats 2-weeks before your cycle , and try birth control pills to help with periods too.
That’s what works for me :heart_eyes:

Are you seeing an OB/GYN? They should be able to help.

Sounds like endometriosis which are cysts on your uterus. See your gynecologist.

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Id go talk to your ob doctor and see what can be done

Go to the doctor you could have cyst on your ovaries

I was like that. I had endometriosis.

What does your gynaecologist say?

Try taking vitamin k

Talk to your doc about endometrial ablation. I’m an RN with ob/gyn experience, and I had the procedure myself. It’s super easy, virtually no down time. It will at least help your periods, and you might be like me-I was one of the lucky ones and I never had another one…and now I’m 50, so I’m done with that nonsense lol