My periods never stop: Advice?

Kind of TMI, but wondering if anyone else has gone through this! Back story: when I was 14, I started a period that never stopped. I bled for a year and a half straight; the doctors put me on almost every birth control possible, trying to stop it. The only thing that worked was the IUD. Fast forward, I had the IUD taken out & got pregnant! I had my bundle of joy five months ago. I had the afterbirth bleeding for six weeks. I was stopped for a month. Started bleeding again around New Year & I haven’t stopped since. My doctor is clueless about it. She did some blood work, which all came back normal besides my iron being low (pretty obvious because of the excessive bleeding.), and here we go again trying birth controls to see if it stops it. I don’t want another IUD since we want another baby within the next two years. Has anyone ever had anything like this? Constant bleeding? I don’t go 24 hours without having at least a light amount. Any ideas?


Just get the iud and take it out when u want to get pregnant


Have they checked for endometriosis or polyps? Do you have pcos? Have they done a d&c?

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I had this same problem when I first started my period, I had to have a D&C! Worth looking into!

How would a d&c help this if she isnt pregnant? jc

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I would have a physical examination or a ct, or an endoscopy. Typically abnormal bleeding like you’re discussing can be anything from fibroids to PCOS to a polyp. Before medications I would see a doctor to find the root cause

You probably need an ablation or a D&C. I bled for months and months. It was a miserable feeling. Hormone therapy may be needed as well.

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I am 3 months pp and still bleeding my ptt came back higher then average I have to see a hemotologist! Have your Dr check your pt and ptt levels for a bleeding disorder!

Sounds like you need a D&C.

theres a little instrument they use for reducing the amount of blood clots during monthly should mention this to them on your next visit. Tell them i said hi as well :smile::joy:

I have endometriosis and have periods like this occasionally. I also know PCOS can cause issues like this as well. Maybe you need to talk to a specialist about a diagnostic surgery


Yup! Had to have an ablation after all other options didnt work.

Sooooo they are putting you on birth control rather than just figuring out what’s going on?

New doctor now


A low dose of metformin helped to regulate mine

Had the same. They did ultrasounds to check for cysts and labs to make sure that wasn’t a blood disorders. Nothing. All clear. Been on high end to low end leveled bc and none helped. If the IUD works for you awesome but my body rejected it twice. I’m assuming you’re using the copper IUD as adding more hormones to your body is proving not working and option with none may be best.

:raising_hand_woman: same issue, here. After baffling many gynecologist, I was finally diagnosed with adenomyosis.

I’m the same I’ve tried all birth control. Next is try coil then I’m been referred for hysterectomy as I’ve 5kids anyway. No idea why mine is I have iron tablets and tranexamic acid. At times have take wkly

Ask for progesterone thats what stopped mine that wouldnt stop for months

Never heard of it. I hope they have you on an iron supplement.

I done that after they took me off birth control for almost a year ending up having to have a hysterectomy at thirty two.