My periods stopped coming: Advice?

Im 23 and I stopped taking birth control last year around July. I have not had sex since January 2019. But as soon as I stopped the birth control my periods quite coming. So 2 weeks ago I had sex and the condom ended up being broken. I am really gassy and constipated for no reason and extremely tired. This was how my first pregnancy went. I have an appointment scheduled next week but I’m just wondering if any other women went through the same thing??


Go to the Dr. I ended up with cysts from birth control that stopped my periods

My periods stop unless I use birth control to force them, because i have ovarian cysts. Talk to your obgyn about why your periods stopped when you are there, if you are not pregnant. They may want to do an ultrasound of your ovaries.

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Get a home pregnancy test, why wait for the docs?


I havent had mine in 6 months after coming off birth control. Got diagnosed with PCOS and being put on Provera to help induce my periods.

I know a girl who’s period stopped, she ended up having a strain of hpv. You might want to ask your dr before fb :woman_shrugging:

She clearly stated her problem and said she is going to a doctor soon. Shes probably looking for comfort and or similar situations…

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Both times I went off birth control pills it took a year for periods to come.

Have them check for a cyst in your ovaries if the tests come back negative. I had a cyst and didn’t have a period for three months but had pregnancy symptoms after my birth control was stopped.

I was on depo and it took me a year to get my periods back.
Just do a test if your unsure but unlikely

Sounds like condition known as PCOS - see obgyn -

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Sounds like you are pregnant and the rest was not accurate

Is the condom still inside?

Oh dear God . plz don’t let her procreate.

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I had irregular periods my entire life! I’m 25 years old and last year I had maybe 4 periods. I never liked birth control because I felt like I was it was natural. After five months of no period and no known cause I decided to try the pill to regulate my periods. I took them the full month of August and got my period. I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant In October, I am not 38 weeks along with my baby girl ! I think it’s very possibly that you could be pregnant.

No periods means no uterine lining to shed, which means no implantation

I get that way when I am about to start or when I am ovulating. It could be any of those things and not necessarily pregnancy but you won’t know unless you take a pregnancy test.