My pre teen girl has been more sassy when watching youtube videos: Advice?

Does anyone else notice their preteen girl get more sassy and more on an attitude when they watch YouTube videos? My 9 yr old gets a major attitude, everyone, she is allowed to watch YouTube, and I was just wondering if any other parents have noticed this.


My 7yr old started this, she got cut off lol

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It’s probably less about it being YouTube and more about what she’s watching.


We had to literally ban YouTube in our house because our 5 year old daughter would act absolutely terrible after watching anything on YouTube. She was blatantly defiant, disrespectful, and mouthy. It took about a week of actual sobbing before she turned back into our sweet little girl! I’ll be praying for you, mama!


I had to stop youtube.

Don’t let them watch it​:woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:


I limit my 10 year old because she becomes a different person when she is done on her iPad. I don’t blame the videos/YouTube alone. I think it’s just screen time in general mAkes her extra sassy. Try to limit the time on it and see if that makes a difference

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Yes. Especially with this “haters back off” whiney voice Miranda girl. I’ve cut her off from that. I can actually hear the annoying tone of voice in her when she’s just talking to me in general and it irks me to the coooorrreeeee


Take her devices away that she views the videos on. Problem solved.

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Yes and same with boys too. We been banning them in our home but our local schools allow the kids to watch during down times so it has been hard to stay consistent when the schools refuse to stop allowing it

Well it depends what and who they are watching… they are easily influenced …

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Yes, banned YouTube!

Ban it or give her a time limit like one hour a day.

Take her stinkin’ phone away!

Screen time of any kind can be a detrement to behavior and attitude. Thats why Steve Jobs didnt give them to his kids.

Plenty of studies out there

It’s not about youtube itself, rather what she’s watching. Moniter what she’s watching.

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I am sorry to be blunt but is this a real question? If something is a problem, as a parent, dont we remove it? Its called parenting. I feel like my grandma when I say this…but this is part of what is wrong with the world today. Kids need supervision and direction. If they didnt, they wouldnt need us.


Youtube is not allowed in our house until 12 years old and still with supervision

Wow… this a tough one… a kid gets sassy when watching youTube… hmmm… what to do??? Stop allowing her to watch it?? No… let’s make a dumbass facebook post! That will solve it!!! :woman_facepalming:

Yes! We banned YouTube, it was awful.